Dems Getting Scared About Cuban Who Can Beat Hillary: How to Destroy Marco Rubio?

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In politics, contrast is everything.  In 2008, Barack Obama was young and dripped “hope.”  John McCain was old and dripped cynicism.  Now we’re looking at 2016 and the roles may well be reversed.  Hillary:  old and entitled.

On the Republican side?  Younger than Hillary and with an all-American success story we’ve got Marco Rubio.

Democrats are starting to panic.  Hillary Clinton has never been a good campaigner and she may be facing a tougher opponent than Barack Obama was in ’08.  Especially given the train wreck his administration has been, combined with her association with the worst parts of it.

When you’re Hillary and you’re losing the New York Times, there’s a pall in the air.

Democrats express concerns not only about whether Mr. Rubio, 43, a son of Cuban immigrants, will win over Hispanic voters, a growing and increasingly important slice of the electorate.  They also worry that he would offer a sharp generational contrast to Mr.s Clinton, a fixture in American politics for nearly a quarter-century who will turn 69 before the election.

Here’s what has Democrats hiding under their beds.

Versus …

The contrast is there.  One old woman who’s never been held accountable vs. a young, vibrant man who understands the American Dream because he’s lived in in his family.

No wonder the Democrats are terrified.  And they’re going to pull out all the stops to drag him down – with the full cooperation of the major media.  Will it work?

He may be Hispanic, but he is not on the side of HIspanics when it comes to the issues they care about.

Democrats will try to use Mr. Rubio’s youth and four-year career in national politics against him, depicting him as green or naive – a liability at a time when unrest abroad is a top concern.

It seems that fell flat when Hillary tried it in 2008.

The best thing about the Republican field is that it’s full of candidates much like Marco.  Young.  Exciting.  Accomplished.  With a vision of what American can be.

Marco is a great candidate.  But so is Ted Cruz.  And Scott Walker.  Even a long shot like Rick Perry stands head and shoulders above Hillary.

2016 is shaping up to be a fun ride.  Please pass the popcorn.

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