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CONFIRMED: Freddie Gray Tox Report Shows Heroin in His System


CONFIRMED: An unidentified informant within the Baltimore Police Department has come forward to allege that Freddie Gray was indeed dealing drugs and that preliminary toxicology reports indicate that Gray had both marijuana and heroin in his system.


The officer, who appeared on Fox News with his identity concealed, told Sean Hannity that police had caught Gray in the middle of a drug transaction.

“On a Sunday morning, (police) observed Mr. Freddie Gray in a hand-to-hand transaction on the intersection,” the officer said.

He also said that Gray may have swallowed the drugs during the ensuing chase.

“The preliminary toxicology report was done at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma (Unit),” the officer said. “Mr. Gray’s urine was tested and found positive for heroin and marijuana.”

The officer was asked whether Gray was known to be a user of heroin.

“If you were to go on averages, when people flee in Baltimore during a drug transaction, they do two things. The first thing they do would be to possibly throw it in their flight. Their second choice would be to ingest it,” the officer said.“Nine times out of ten, they’ll stick the drugs right in their mouth … swallow them, and they’re never recovered.”

The police officer then provided an alternate theory as to how Freddie Gray may have died.

“There’s cases where people have swallowed entire packs of 25 gelcaps,” the officer said. “We’ve had cases in the past where people have overdosed and died in that circumstance.”

“If Mr. Gray swallowed Lord knows how many pills — three, four, five, ten — there would obviously be an obvious effect on his respiration, his heart rate, his thinking and his actions.”

In addition to providing the first glimpse into the toxicology reports on Freddie Gray, the police officer’s allegations provide two new angles on the Gray investigation: an alternate cause of death and probable cause for arrest.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had previously said there was no probable cause for Gray’s arrest in her speech after the charges were announced.

Freddie Gray’s life did have a tragic ending. However, it is important to note that the drug cocktail he ingested may have contributed to his poor decisions when he was in police custody. He may have accelerated his heart rate or even his breathing. It will be interesting to see what charges end up being filed after these new angles are examined, and if the officers will still be charged with murder.

H/T: Western Journalism

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