Come On and Play You Big Old Puppy Dog

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There is an ancient spiritual technique, as old as the sun I imagine and as instinctive for us humans as eating. Yet it is long misunderstood in these parts except by those who practice it naturally. That would be the children.

Outside your head, which has been weighed down by wrong thoughts and old emotions, the universe itself is at play. The squirrels in your back yard know it and reflect it and so do children left to their own devices.


You reading this, yes you; go ahead and make a strange noise with your mouth, now skip across the room and hop back. Feeling better already aren’t you.

I met this older Native American fella at a luncheon for seniors at the local community center and he told me something that really struck home. “Children are spiritual beings, until we put our thoughts into them.”

I don’t know if you have any memories in your head from before you decided there must be something seriously wrong with you, before you decided you sucked or really could not do anything right. Back then the world was awe inspiring, beautiful and naturally fun, almost silly it was so fun. Well the world is still that way, but you have changed.

Look at you now; your uptight about food, your upset about politics, religion upsets you a great deal. You are angry, fearful and defensive. Wait that’s me, but I am sure you have your own issues.

Under all that your heart beats sweetly, gently, with affection and play. Think of a big old puppy dog; running up, bounding around, licking your face, bumping into you. Well he is trying to remind you what you are really like.

I have a buddy in town with four young kids. When I stop by me and the kids always end up on the floor playing like some crazy wolf pack. It is one of my favorite things to do in the world.


Beep bop da da da do bop. That is what your heart sounds like folks. The best way to leave stress behind and retrain your brain, is to play like you were a little kid. Everyone once in a while I will buy some Peanut Butter Captain crunch or some other food I really liked as a kid. It helps set the mood. Be brave and let your spoon play with your food.

Don’t believe me? Well take it from Jesus Christ who knew a little something about heaven.  “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Hobo John here; I love you with everything that I have, that is my motto,  my mantra and the truth of things. Meet me at the swing set.

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