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Why Was the NAACP President Selling Drugs in a Park Filled With Children?


The President of the Muncie chapter of the NAACP was busted selling coke in a park where there were dozens of children. CNN has some questions, finally!

The national media want to know WHY!

Here’s the hard hitting follow-up report done by CNN on the story.

You’re right.  No report.  No report on FoxNews or MSNBC either.  New York Times?  Washington Post?  Nothing.  We weren’t able to find anything beyond the initial story in any of the local news media.  And what did the national NAACP say about their local chapter president?  You guessed it.

They’re too busy lionizing another hoodlum, Freddie Gray.

Frankly we’re surprised.  Tim Miles, the arrested president, fits right in with the profile of the people that the Race Industry race hustlers love.  He’s a drug dealer.  Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were both thugs, Eric Garner was a thug who’d been arrested eight times in the same place for the same crime he ended up resisting arrest for when he died.  The “mentally disturbed” black man who was killed in Milwaukee was attacking a police office with a stolen baton when he was shot.

Maybe Miles should have resisted arrest and tried to kill a cop.  He probably didn’t meet the minimum standard for sainthood in the black community.

Al Sharpton isn’t demonstrating because any money he’d raise would probably have to go to Miles bail bond, not Sharpton’s pocket.

Oh well.

We don’t expect there will be much in the way of follow-up at this point.  Because there’s just nothing to see here.



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