This Child Abuse Will Shock You: Why Haven’t Authorities Removed This Kid?

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Tattoos and a NASTY potty mouth. Child abuse? You freaking bet. We have now found the Parent of the Year winners from now until eternity.



These parents win all the awards for crappiest job ever. I never could believe that anyone could actually raise their child to speak like this, let alone tattoo them. Just disgusting:

Do you consider giving a toddler tattoos as a form of abuse? Should this child be taken by CPS?

Many of the commenters on the video do:

“Aww how cute…they’re raising another statistic… start putting up money for his books in jail.. smh”

The saddest thing, the kid has no blame at all, he’s only a reflection of what his parents teach him!”

“How disgusting!!! This is what we teach our children then wonder why we grow up killing each other!!! No self value.. So embarrassing.”

“Anyone who thinks this is funny, is a fu***** moron and is the problem with this country.”

Another user made a sad prediction for the child’s future:

“Sadly, he’ll be dead or in prison before his 18th birthday. The crazy part is that the same parents who allow and promote this type of behavior, will be the 1st ones in the in front of the judge or at his casket CRYING and asking ‘God WHY?????’ It’s because of your ignorant ass. Some don’t deserve children and this is a prime example why. The baby don’t need a beating. He’s only doing what he sees and being taught. It’s the parents who need their ASS WHOOPED.”

Somebody please kick these parents in the ass before I have to. Seriously. Stop, just stop the stupid train. Like now.

Warning: This video contains strong language and may not be suitable for work:

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