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Carly Fiorina Puts a Beat Down on Hillary


Hillary Clinton is studious about one thing.  She avoids the press like the plague.  She refuses to answer questions, and when she’s cornered, she’s nasty.

Yes, Hillary is nasty.

Yesterday, she experienced a first order beat down.  Hillary was in South Carolina attending one of her “campaign round tables.”  If you’re not familiar with a “campaign round table,” it’s where a group of Democratic volunteers gather in a neutral location, sit around a table, and discuss the subjects Hillary wants to talk about.  They throw softball questions to her and she even avoids answering most of those.

Hillary’s problem yesterday was, Carly Fiorina happened to be in South Carolina too.  Carly was speaking at the Columbia Marriott at noon, Hillary held her event at the same location right after Carly was done.

Except when Carly left the hotel she wasn’t done.  She’s set up a venue at the hotel and she held a real press conference.  With real reporters asking real questions.  Here’s Carly on a number of issues.

We like Carly.  She’s direct, she’s no nonsense.  She’s not afraid to take on Hillary.

We also think this press conference is a winner.  It’s important to keep Hillary facing negative news stories every day.  We frankly wonder why, with about a dozen Republican candidates, why one of them isn’t planning a press conference at a Hillary venue every time she shows her face.


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