Bush is Vindicated on WMDs – NY Times Admits It


Remember Democrats screeching about how “Bush lied” about WMDs in Iraq?  Well, it turns out he didn’t lie.  The press simply refused to cover the fact that chemical weapons were found by US troops and there are likely still WMDs in Iraq in areas controlled by ISIS.

How do we know this?  From reporting in the New York Times.

“In all, American troops secretly reported finding roughly 5,000 chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs, according to interviews with dozens of participants, Iraqi and American officials, and heavily redacted intelligence documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.”

Again, that’s from the New York Times.  Don’t expect to see it on NBC, ABC, or CBS.  Or even Fox.

The Times even Tweeted it out.

The Obama administration hasn’t commented on the subject.

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