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Bounty Put on Four Key Leaders of ISIS: Is Obama on Board?


The US State Department may be in trouble with President Obama. They put a bounty on the heads of four ISIS terrorist leaders. We are waiting for an enterprising reporter to ask the State Department spokesperson if they are “terrorists” or “radical Islamists.”

In part, State Department notes this:

“Established in 2004 as ‘al-Qaida in Iraq’ and later known as the ‘Islamic State of Iraq,’ ISIL has recruited thousands of followers from across the globe to fight in Iraq and Syria, where ISIL members continue to commit gross, systematic human rights abuses, including mass executions, persecution of individuals and entire communities on the basis of their identity, killing and maiming of children, rape, and numerous other atrocities.”

We’re hard-pressed to understand why the State Department would go to such lengths and spent so much money looking for members “of the JV team.”

The nation is in the best of hands.  Or not.

Terror Tweet: Garland Attacker May Have Had ISIS Contact

The FBI says Elton Simpson had been communicating with terrorists overseas.


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