Boehner is Going DOWN!! Speaker To Receive Strong Primary Challenge Again From JD Winteregg!

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This time, it’s personal: J.D. Winteregg was told by many in the political establishment that he would never teach in Ohio again if he primary’d Speaker of the House, John Boehner in 2012.

They were serious, Winteregg was fired from Cedarville University. BUT J.D. Winteregg is a fighter, he doesn’t back down, and he ran the race anyway.

Winteregg For Congress campaign workers, Mr. And Mrs. JD Winteregg standing on right


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Join Rodney Lee and Scott The Preacher as we welcome the man who will dispense of John Boehner – J.D. Winteregg ‼! For more info and to listen to the show:

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Eric CantorFor those who say JD can’t win and no one can beat John Boehner – I can only say this: Go to New York, head on over to K Street (Wall Street) and find former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, where he’s working some cushy, high-paid, influence peddling job now, since getting his arse handed to him by “he can’t win” Dave Brat.

Walk up to Cantor and tell him JD Winteregg cannot beat John Boehner: Then, I want you to take out your iPhone and take a pic of Eric Cantor’s face right after you tell him Winteregg can’t win.

In other words – I’m not listening to that – start living on Planet Brat and know that JD Winteregg can and WILL WIN. Read this:

J.D. Is a fighter, he doesn't back down. We meed a lot of J.D.s in Washington DC. We need to remove some Boehners.
J.D. Is a fighter, he doesn’t back down. We meed a lot of J.D.s in Washington DC. We need to remove some Boehners.

In 2014, challengers took 30% from Boehner. Winteregg took almost 23% himself.

J.D. Winteregg is running against John Boehner in Ohio’s 8th District again for 2016. He does not start from scratch.

He already has a strong team, decent name recognition, and the experience of doing the whole thing once before. John Boehner is going to have to take this seriously.

Winteregg raised a total of $48,000. Boehner spent nearly $13 million.

Representative Dave Brat showed us we can win with a fraction of the money spent by the establishment.

Winteregg‘s team has done the polling. Boehner is much weaker than he was in 2014.

People are very dissatisfied with John Boehner’s lack of leadership.

We’re all sick of his caving into the the “extreme” Left and enabling President Obama and the Democrats (e.g. ObamaCare, Spending, Debt Cieling, Iran, Crominibus, Amnesty, etc.), and his derogatory remarks about the conservative wing of the conservative party.

John Boehner has no problem raising money from associates of George Soros, left-wing labor unions and other enemies of conservatives. For Mr. Speaker, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – and folks – conservatives, conservative voters and conservative candidates are the enemy!

John LaRosa, Massachusetts Political Strategist and Co-Founder of 4TierStrategies points out,

JD can’t match Boehner’s millions…but he doesn’t need to.

John Continues, “Imagine if everyone who tweeted hash tags like #NoAmnesty, #SecureTheBorder, #MakeDCListen and #FireBoehner took a Twitter break for a few minutes and chipped in $20 to JD’s campaign?

If that happened, JD might not need to ask for money again until until 2018…when he runs for reelection.

PS: #baldisbeautiful

WE could use more Louie Gohemerts in the House of Representatives. Winteregg will be a Louie Gohmert!

After a lot of reflection on the first run, I questioned whether or not I should just focus on the local level of politics..
— JD Winteregg in a Breitbart interview.

But after Boehner “caved” on executive amnesty and the Cromnibus bill, he decided that people in Ohio-8, as well as the American people needed someone who will listen to them.

His reality no longer matches his rhetoric…and that’s very disappointing,” explained Winteregg.

Winteregg proclaims on his website: “Whether ignorant of what progressives represent or compliant with their agenda, my current representative–Speaker John Boehner–has proven that he has neither the ability nor inclination to fight progressives on behalf of his constituents and the American taxpayers.

It’s time that we have a fresh face who both understands what he’s fighting and is prepared to fight it “tooth and nail.” The Speaker talks about it. I’m the guy who’ll actually do it.

JD Winteregg will appear tonight on ConoverU with Rodney Lee Conover. Listen in as he explains why he is running and discusses the issues. The show starts live at 5PM PT / 9PM ET.

This timeless message from the 2014 campaign with Rusty Humphries, says all that needs to be said.

This is a man who deserves our help and our #TeamJoe, Joe For America, I Have the and Conover U are dedicated to getting JD elected. Boehner has $5 million cash on hand. He has the ability to raise another $20 million from special interests, lobbyists, and insiders.

Don’t forget – hear JD Winteregg LIVE – tonight on Conover U radio!
That’s tonight at 5PM PT / 8PM ET – (Thursday, 5-21)

Join Rodney Lee and Scott The Preacher as we welcome the man who will dispense of John Boehner:
J.D. Winteregg ‼ For more info and to listen to the show:

JD will officially announce his long-rumored candidacy for Ohio’s 8th Congressional District – against Speaker of the House John Boehner.
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