Blacks Still Owned as Slaves by Islamic Countries As We Speak! Where is the Outcry, Liberals?

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Barack Obama and his administration never miss a beat.  They manage to invoke a reference to “slavery” at every opportunity.  Here’s the President at the National Prayer Breakfast.

That’s the same speech where he told Christians to “get off your high horse” because of the Crusades.  His Ivy League education didn’t teach him that the Crusades were a defensive campaign to keep the Muslim butchers from expanding into Europe.  The President has been an apologist for Muslims and for Muslim terrorism since his first day in office.

In order to provide some context on subject of slavery, watch the following video.  It’s a history of slavery and it’s produced by a man who lives at the center of the slave trade in Africa.  Hint, it wasn’t our ancestors who propagated the slave trade.

Well, when we said “it wasn’t our ancestors” we were making reference to the fact that “our ancestors” aren’t Muslims.

Where is the liberal outrage over Islamic Slave trade.  President Obama and his ilk are more than willing to condemn the 5% while ignoring the 95%.

It’s a lot like condemning cops and burning cities for cops killing black men who are attacking them while ignoring the 6,500 black men who are murdered by other black men.

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