Blacks in Minneapolis are Nine Times More Likely to Commit Crime

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We discovered this story in The Guardian, a news source from the UK that has many stories that the US media will never print.  They frequently have interesting stories on the “black-white” divide.  This is one of them.

The Guardian leans left, and their headline was a tad different than ours.  Theirs read:

Black people in Minneapolis nine times more likely to be arrested for petty crime

Their study focused on big racial disparities in the arrest rates for blacks and whites.  Needless to say, their assumption was that the city’s police force was a den of KKK wannabe racists.  The idea that blacks might just simply commit more crime – and a lot more crime – than whites never entered into the equation.

Keep in mind that Minneapolis is the heart and soul of “Liberal America.” They’re far from being the most liberal city in America, but they pride themselves on their progressivism, their diversity, their “Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party” roots that run deep into Minnesota soil.  Think of a better managed version of Detroit, Baltimore, or Cleveland.  We won’t note that Minneapolis has never had a black mayor, just white liberals.  That could be construed to be racist.

Anyway, here are some snippets from the article.

Forty percent of all youth arrests were for curfew violations; Minneapolis teenagers between 15 and 17 must be home by 11pm on weekdays, and midnight on weekends. But despite 40% of the city’s youth population being white, white youth made up only 17% of curfew charges – 56% of which were against black youth.

What could be the cause of this?

“In poor and minority neighborhoods of Minneapolis, the police aren’t seen as guardians who serve and protect,” the report says. “Rather police officers are viewed suspiciously as oppressors who harass and arrest.”

Uhhh, when you break the law, and do it consistently, you get harassed and arrested.  It even worked that way in our lily-white town when we grew up in the dark ages.

Arresting people, or at least confronting them – often viewed as “harassment” by those being confronted – for low level crime is called the “broken windows” theory of policing.  It’s what Rudy Giuliani did in NYC when they went from one of the most dangerous places on earth to the safest big city in the world.

When Minneapolis is bullied by the Attorney General waiving a “consent decree,” and they stop arresting those kids for curfew violations they’ll be delaying their arrests.  Only difference is that when they are finally arrested they’ll be arrested for violent crime.

“The Minneapolis Police Department’s own data speaks for itself: To be a person of color in the city is to be over policed, with law enforcement aggressively arresting people for low-level offenses. The damage in turn is twofold: police-community relations are destroyed and public safety suffers.”

Tell that to the people who managed to survive David Dinkins being mayor of NYC.  There’s a reason why a, for NYC, very conservative Republican got elected and reelected Mayor in the 90s.

Here’s the bottom line though.  The ACLU and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department are coming to your city.

“These disparities are unacceptable and this analysis adds to a growing body of ACLU data analyses that demonstrate that law enforcement across the nation are over and inequitably policing communities of color and that police practices are in need of sweeping reform.”

For the Race Industry, statistics must be equalized.  Arresting more blacks than whites is evidence of racism and must be stopped.  The problem with this is that police departments won’t arrest more whites, they’ll stop arresting blacks.  That will give us significantly more black murders to ignore because they’re committed overwhelmingly by other blacks.

We do find it somewhat humorous that all these liberal cities are suddenly discovering they’ve built a hotbed of racism in the midst of their liberalism.  We’ll see how they’re feeling some long, hot, summer when their cities are burning down around them.

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