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#Black Lives Matter to Planned Parenthood: As Revenue… Lots of It.


As we’ve noted many times “black lives matter” is a myth. They don’t matter to Obama, the media, the left, or Academia.

At least until a black, typically during the commission of a crime, is killed by a cop. When that happens the “black community” takes to the streets. Al Sharpton shows up for face time on TV and raise money, Barack Obama sticks his head out of the Oval Office and makes racially divisive statements to fire up his political base, and the Justice Department sends in civil rights lawyers to organize local community protest.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was recently interviewed on CNN. Most of the  interview revolved around the shooting death of a black man in Milwaukee who was attacking a police officer. CNN talking head took a quick detour to ask Sheriff Clarke about an interchange on twitter with a New York Times reporter.

Here’s the tweet in question.
Sheriff Clarke makes a powerful point. And it’s the same point we’ve been making. Black lives don’t matter in the black community. Planned Parenthood purposely targets their abortion centers in the black community. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a vile racist and supported abortion wipe out the minority community. Remember that every time Democrats try to pass her off as a hero.
Blacks account for about 13% of US population. They also account for over 36% of total abortions. Black babies are statistically more likely to be butchered by their mothers in the womb than they are to grow up and graduate from high school. Black mothers kill more of their babies and black gang bangers.
Black mothers kill more of their babies every day than the police kill in a decade.
So, “Black Lives Matter”? Don’t tell us they matter when the black community silently tolerates generations of their unborn being slaughtered.
If black lives mattered, Kermit Gosnell wouldn’t have been a hero in the black community before he was arrested for multiple murder.
If black lives mattered, blacks protesting would pick better role models the Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, or the list of other felons, thugs, and punks that they chose to lionize after being killed attacking police officers or during the commission of a crime.
We will believe black lives matter when the black community starts acting like black lives matter.



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