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Black Lives Don’t Matter – Melissa Anne Bingham Version


Anyone – especially anyone from the “black community” – who tells you “black lives matter” is either lying to you or they’re in deep denial.  Black lives don’t matter, and the testament to that fact is that Melissa Anne Bingham missed dinner with her mom on Sunday.

Mothers Day will never be the same for Melissa’s mom because her daughter was murdered in Baltimore last Thursday.

We don’t know anything about Melissa, we couldn’t even find her picture. All we know is that she was thirty-four years old and died from multiple gunshot wounds at a major intersection in Baltimore Thursday night. None of the stories we seen indicated that she was anything other than a murder victim. Oh, and she wasn’t killed by the Baltimore police.

Since the day that Freddie Gray died there been about two dozen murders in Baltimore. The police were only involved in these deaths as investigators. In the last thirty days there have been twenty-six murders in Baltimore. The Justice Department won’t be looking into any of those, Al Sharpton the organizing marches through the “black community” demanding that the residents stop killing one another.

People who get all the attention when they die seem to have two things in common. The first is that they’re all thugs with long histories of arrest. The second, there killed by police officers or civilians legally carrying weapons were defending themselves.

With respect to Freddie Gray, the Baltimore police may have some culpability in his death. That remains to be seen, we wouldn’t be shocked, and if officers are found guilty they should receive hard sentences. Again, will wait and see.

The real story, but the major media chooses to ignore, is that the Race Industry is focused on exactly the wrong thing. They need to be taking a hard look at their own community.



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