BIG 2nd Amendment Win in DC

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You may never have heard of Alan Gura, but he happens to be Mike Bloomberg and the pantywaists at his group of gun grabbers worst nightmare.  Gura is a 2nd Amendment attorney who’s not shy about filing suit in support of the 2nd Amendment, and his win record is perfect.

Having already won a court decision compelling the District–and in particular, its Police Chief Cathy Lanier – to issue concealed carry permits to lawful, qualified residents, Gura naturally ran into the usual anti-gun rearguard position: “Sure, we’ll issue permits–on terms of our own choosing. Terms that nobody except our rich friends and political comrades will ever be deemed to have satisfied.”

And those terms invariably require that the applicant have some special and unusual reason to be granted a concealed carry permit.  This is the kind of restriction still being employed in liberal states like New Jersey and New York, and which was being employed in California until the recent Peruta decision by the 9th Circuit.

Gura responded to Lanier’s demand that applications show some special reason–above and beyond simply being law-abiding Americans with civil rights–by filing a motion for an injunction with the US District Court for DC, to prohibit Lanier from imposing those special conditions.

Today that Court handed down its decision on the requested motion–and Gura was the big winner, again…

You can read the full decision here.

RELATED VIDEO: Michael Moore Demands America Disarm Police

Filmmaker Michael Moore demanded on Twitter Thursday that America’s police officers be disarmed and all African-Americans imprisoned for non-violent crimes be released.

Moore’s demands came in response to the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old man who dies two weeks ago while in police custody in Baltimore.

After a night of relative calm in Baltimore but more than 100 arrests in New York City and violence in Ferguson, Missouri, Moore said prisons are filled with innocent people and compared incarceration to “a modern day slave system.” In his tweet, Moore added, “Next demand: Disarm the police. We have a 1/4 billion 2nd amendment guns in our homes 4 protection.

We’ll survive until the right cops are hired.
Certainly the District will appeal, but given the detailed decision and it’s reliance on solid and accepted precedent, this win will most likely remain in the win column on appeal.

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