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Could Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Face Criminal Charges For Her Sloppy Work?


The State’s Attorney for Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby, could very well find herself in deep doo-doo.

And her office may well be taking a series of cases to court that, in any sane jurisdiction, they couldn’t win.  The only thing this wet-behind-the-ears prosecutor has going for her is that it’s in Baltimore.

Here’s the beginning and end of her press conference where she announced the murder and manslaughter charges against six Baltimore cops.

Without regard to the quality of the case that Mosby has against the Baltimore police officers, this press conference should give her significant ethics problems with the Maryland Bar Association.

Mosby said Gray’s family that “no one is above the law and I would pursue justice on THEIR behalf.” That is patently unethical. Mosby represents the state of Maryland NOT the Gray family. Her duty is to the State, and telling the family that she’s working “on their behalf” is a lie, or if true it is unethical.

She started her press conference with ethical violation, she might as well end it with an ethical violation. “I heard her call for ‘no justice, no peace’.” Defense attorneys will likely have a field day with this statement given that she took almost no time review the evidence before charging the six Baltimore police officers. But she didn’t stop there,” your piece is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.”

“On behalf of.” Ms. Mosby, what part of work for the state of Maryland don’t you understand. You work on behalf of the state.

Prosecutors are legally obligated to ignore mobs. By acknowledging mob rule Baltimore brought out the National Guard, Mosby undermines the rule of law.

Of course in that regard she will probably be awarded a Medal of Freedom by President Obama, since he seemingly prides himself on undermining the rule of law.

Struggle with ethics actually may end up being the least of those problems.

Struggles with ethics actually may end up being the least of those problems.

In her rush to judgment charges against the officers include carrying and illegal knife, and false imprisonment.

With respect to the knife, Mosby, before the police task had completed their report on the arrest, said that the officers made an illegal arrest because the knife Gray was carrying was not a “switchblade.” In fact completed police report determined that Gray’s knife was “spring-assisted” and that it violates Baltimore codes.

That’s probably why Mosby through this little gem into her press conference.

That’s a clear shot across the bow to the Baltimore Police Department for releasing the information from the police report.

In addition to the “knife problem,” there are huge problems with charging “unlawful imprisonment.”

Freddie Gray was walking through a high crime area where he encountered police. He made eye contact with a police officer and ran. Police pursued him, and found the knife in question, and arrested him. The law allows police to be wrong without being criminally liable. It doesn’t appear that the police were wrong or so arrest Freddie Gray. It’s a reasonable assumption that they had probable cause for the pursuit and the arrest.

Given those facts “unlawful imprisonment” looks like a false charge.

It would appear that Ms. Mosby is the one making false arrests. We would be shocked if either of the above charges sticks.

We would love to see Mosby charged, but certainly the state of Maryland will do it so that just leaves the US Department of Justice. And since Loretta Lynch, our new Attorney General, busy mounting the high horse supplied by President Obama we don’t expect an indictment of Mosby to be forthcoming from the feds either.

We wonder if the Baltimore police and their families will take to the streets with tar and feathers and a cry of “No Justice, No Peace.”



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