$76 Billion for Food Stamps – Watch This…

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US taxpayers fork over $64 billion for food stamps in the ObamaConomy.  The program, euphemistically called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is supposed to help the poor put nutritious food on the table.  Like all government programs the key here is “supposed to.”

Here’s a report from Oregon that will raise your blood pressure.

Many states are finally getting around to limiting what can be purchased with food stamps.  Believe it or not, you can actually buy filet and lobster with your SNAP card in most states.  And suck down a Starbucks while you’re doing it.

We’re long past time to take a chain saw to this program, it’s nothing more than a Democrat vote buying scheme.  As evidenced by this video.

The program phased out actual “food stamps” several years ago and moved to an EBT card, like a credit card.  The theory was that there was a stigma to using food stamps and that wasn’t fair.

Welfare should have a stigma attached to it.  Of course, our attitude is probably racist.


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