65-Year-Old Grandmother Gives Birth to Quadruplets! [VIDEO]

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You may remember the story that was posted a few weeks ago here about the 65-year-old Grandmother that was pregnant with quadruplets. Well, they are here! Congrats, Mom!


A 65-year-old German grandmother gave birth to quadruplets at a Berlin hospital this week, with the three boys and a girl born prematurely at 26 weeks being in good health and having a good chance of survival, German TV network RTL reported on Saturday.

The network, which had covered the pregnancy, said Annegret Raunigk already had 13 children and seven grandchildren. The announcement of her pregnancy last month had sparked a public debate in Germany about its merits.

Raunigk, an English and Russian teacher in Berlin, had received fertility treatment in Ukraine and is the oldest woman in the world to have had quadruplets, RTL said, although other women of her age and older have given birth.

The four babies, born by Caesarean section on May 19, weighed between 655 grams an 960 grams.

Though I am not sure I would sign up for quadruplets at age 65, more power to you for choosing to have such a large family. Don’t forget about those grandkids of yours, though, when you are up doing four 1:00 AM feedings. Yikes. Enjoy, and maybe you can be done with the baby factory now.

Woman Pregnant with Quadruplets at 65 Years Old via Artificial Insemination

Annegret Raunigk’s pregnancy was not unplanned, and many disagree with the decision. Her story will be featured in a documentary.

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