35 Year-Old Muslim Pedophile Takes Child Bride. Marriage (Raping) Suddenly Ends: With Extreme Prejudice

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A Nigerian Muslim, following in the steps of the pedophile prophet Mohammed, took a 14-year-old bride.  On their wedding night he repeatedly raped her.

Then this happened. YES!!

There was no courtship, her “parents” simply gave her to the groom.  Welcome to MuslimLand.

After several weeks of rape, the girl prepared a special meal to celebrate her husband’s love and kindness.  His dinner was appropriately laced with rat poison.  She was charged with murder and threatened with a death sentence, but Nigerian courts set the little girl free because of an international outcry.

BLAM! One less pedophile.

Please note that the US State Department had nothing to say to the Nigerians, that would be interfering with Muslims’ internal affairs.

This is simply another example of Muslim terrorism, practiced on their own people this time.

Former Captives of Boko Haram Still in Custody:

The accusations against a woman who was rescued from Boko Haram abductors came from some of her fellow former captives during a group counseling session. Why had she received preferential treatment and better food while they were held?

Wasn’t she married to a fighter from the Islamic extremist group?

As scores of young Nigerian women and children are rescued from the clutches of Boko Haram, they face suspicions that they may still be in contact with their former captors. These fears apparently have led to an entire group of 275 women and girls rescued from the extremists last month being forced to remain in custody ? held this time by the Nigerian military.

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