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Must be Baseball Season: The First Lady is Scratching Her… um.


Ever had an itch that you “shouldn’t scratch” because you’re in public?  Yeah, everybody has.  Even our First “Lady” at least once.  Hat tip to Cripes Suzette.

A while back Barack and Michelle visited Indonesia.  Indonesia is a Muslim majority country and out of respect, Michelle should have worn a burka.  Probably easier to scratch.

Check out the furrowed brow.  You just know Michelle isn’t paying one bit of attention to el Presidente’s conversation with the Indonesian Prime Minister.  Or what he’s pointing at.  She seems much more interested in checking the material on her pant leg.

Make that both pant legs.  Looks to us like Michelle’s suffering some serious discomfort somewhere in the area of her pant legs.  Her UPPER pant legs.

Oh my.  No, make that “oh hers.”  Could we have an itch that won’t go away?


Now then, we want to know a number of things.  Four things to be exactl

  1. What in the world is Barack looking at and laughing about?
  2. What did Barack say to the Indonesian PM and why is HE laughing?
  3. Where is the cameraman who took these pictures?
  4. What did Michelle say to Barack just a little later?

Especially #3.  Indonesian jails are notoriously harsh places.

And, as for #4, remember when Barack was shooting selfies with the Danish PM at Nelson Mandella’s memorial service.



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