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Yet Another MSNBC Host Nailed for Not Paying Taxes?


If you’re a conservative activist you can expect the IRS to make your life a living hell.

On the other hand, if you’re and Obama administration compliant, progressive mouth-piece at MSNBC… not so much.

An MSNBC commentator named Touré recently got whacked with a $60,000 tax lien.  That follows the state of New York hitting Joy-Ann Reid, one of MSNBC’s managing editors and posts, with the tax want last month. MSNBC’s weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry, got slapped with a $70,000 tax bill earlier this year. And then there’s the all time MSNBC tax evasion champion, Al Sharpton. Last we looked the Reverend Al was on the hook for several million dollars.

Oh, did we mention the IRS is “working with” these folks?Or in the case of Al Sharpton, we think they’re ignoring him.

Let’s be clear, MSNBC’s hosts are all firmly entrenched members of the dreaded 1%. Here’s a great video put together by David Ruiz of the Washington Free Beacon.

If Democrats/liberals/progressives didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all. If Republicans were smart – stop laughing – every Republican/conservative guest on one of these hypocrites’  shows would begin every response to a loaded question with, “That’s a great question. But before I get into that, have you paid your tax bill?”

Yeah, it’s too much to hope for.



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