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Yemen: Obama’s War!


President Obama and his media flacks have been insisting, seems like forever, that the Obama Smart Diplomacy is working in Yemen. Yemen was Obama’s “success story” in the Middle East.

And then came reality…

That clip with Greta was on February 15 of this year. Even then, after being forced to evacuate our Embassy, after forcing United States Marines to surrender their weapons and flee Yemen in a commercial airliner, even then the Obama administration was insisting that their policy in Yemen was a “winner.”

If were sure of anything right now, it’s that history, and maybe even next weeks headlines in the New York Times, will prove that Obama’s “Middle East diplomacy” was anything but a winner.

Today, on the heels of completely evacuating Yemen, the president has sent a carrier battle group to intercept a military convoy from Iran that is headed for Yemen.

Welcome to reality Barack.  Too bad it’s not your life on the line instead of those sailors and Marines.

Personally, we doubt Iran is bluffing.  The only thing that deters :Muslim terrorists – and Iran is exactly a terrorist state – is the sure knowledge that they face destruction.  They know for sure that Barack Obama, their Great Friend, won’t let that happen.

We’re also pretty sure that any US officer that orders a response to an Iranian offensive will see the end of his career.



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