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World Leader Publicly Humiliates Michelle Obama


The Obamas always have such good intentions, don’t they? Michelle Obama, on her recent tax payer funded ‘trip’, made a belabored point about female education to promote her “Let Girls Learn” Initiative.

Her ridiculous assumptions that these nations could even fund such a project were brought to light by Prime Minister Hun Sen, who was none too happy:


Michelle Obama recently traveled to Japan and Cambodia to promote girls’ education in those nations, as part of the “Let Girls Learn” White House Initiative. During her visit, the First Lady gave a speech in Cambodia which covered issues facing female education, as well as the benefits that can be claimed with further progress on this front:

“When girls get educated — when they learn to read and write and think — that gives them the tools to speak up and to talk about injustice, and to demand equal treatment. It helps them participate in the political life of their country and hold their leaders accountable, call for change when their needs and aspirations aren’t being met.”

According to the Phnom Penh Post, Prime Minister Hun Sen told the U.S. embassy that, although speaking about the initiative is good, it does nothing to help with the costs associated with making such a program functional:

“’Her [Michelle Obama’s] mission is very good, but I suggest the United States should help completely and not play like this,’ he said. ‘It is just playing around – it is not good. What if she chose 300 students? It would be death. I don’t have that money to give.’”

Hun Sen has claimed that he has given each of the ten girls, who are ready to head to universities, a scholarship of $1,500. He believed that the United States would aid with the rest of the cost:

“’I thought the United States would give scholarships to those students until they complete university, but that’s not [the case],’ Hun Sen said. ‘I had strongly hoped [that was the situation], but she just came here to choose people and then [left]it to the Ministry of Education.’”

Maybe some decorum is order, especially for a First Lady. She should be acting in a way that considers the financial needs of the countries she is visiting. Ever been invited out to a fancy dinner party and had to decline because you can’t afford to go? We have all literally been there, and Michelle is putting America in the awkward position of inviting a friend to dinner that can’t really afford it. Thanks, Michelle. Why don’t you go ruin some kid’s school lunch and make our lives complete for the day?

H/T: IJReview

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