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Woman Drives BACK to Bar After Police Give Her Courtesy Ride Home – And Gets Arrested


Some idiots just never learn their lesson, do they? I know we all have that one friend that would do EXACTLY what this genius lady did – and I would hope that no one was stupid enough to actually bail this idiot out.

Looks like she may have to pay some dues for this one, though:


A drunk woman who received a courtesy ride home from Oregon officers was arrested after driving her car back to the bar, according to police.

Lake Oswego police said they were called to the Firehouse Pub on Wednesday night. Bar workers said a customer was too drunk to drive or even walk home.

A department spokesman said Shannon Waage was given a ride home by the officers and told not to drive anywhere.

Less than an hour later, police were called back to the bar. Waage had returned, this time driving herself, according to police.

Waage was arrested on DUII charges and her car was towed from the bar, police said.

Waage posted bail and is due in court April 29.

What a moron. Seriously, lady, when you got home, you should have just counted your lucky stars you had a courtesy ride home. What possible reason could anyone have to go BACK to a bar they just left? Like, aren’t you wasted enough? Geez. The world really needs A LOT less idiots in it.

H/T: Q13 Fox

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