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Walmart Shoppers Rescue Stabbed Officer


Walmart shoppers that were there doing their everyday shopping certainly never thought that they would be saving someone’s life that evening, but one police officer is certainly grateful for them after being accosted by a man stabbing her 14 times in the retain chain store – and the reason is as bizarre as any:


Prosecutors said a 24-year-old police woman was stabbed a total of 14 times by a man who allegedly told investigators he was out to kill the police officer because “cops are oppressive.”

Houston homicide investigators said Jeremiah M. Matthews, 23, tried to kill an off-duty Houston Community College Officer Aprils Pikes early Tuesday morning while she was working as a security guard at a Meyerland Walmart store.

During a magistrate’s hearing Tuesday night, prosecutors said, “The defendant gave a statement admitting he had the intent to attack a police officer and his desire to kill a police officer.”

Investigators at the scene said Matthews told them he did it to get back at police for what he calls brutal treatment. But customers helped stop the brutal attack.

According to witnesses, Matthews came into the store, tackled Pikes and began stabbing her with a hunting knife.

“I saw him on her just stabbing her,” said witness Abe Baker, who was one of several shoppers who intervened to stop the attack.

Baker said he was leaving the Walmart in the 9500 block of South Post Oak when he saw Matthews attack the officer.

“I wasn’t really thinking,” Baker said. “His arm was just up getting ready to stab her and I just grabbed his arm and took him down, and that’s when everybody else came over and we all just took him down.”

Baker said he exchanged a glance with the man, even said hello. The man seemed pleasant, smiling just moments before police said he tackled the officer and brutally stabbed her in her right arm and torso.

“He was in an upbeat mood, whistling and he had a fast pace, walking fast,” Baker said.

“It appears he just walked right in and attacked her — (walked) straight up to her and attacked her,” said Houston Police Department spokesperson Kese Smith.

Paramedics rushed Pikes to Ben Taub Hospital, where she underwent six hours of surgery Tuesday. She is expected to recover from her wounds, but may lose her right arm. This sick bastard deserves the book thrown at him for disfiguring this young woman in the prime of her life. While they’re at it, throw in some mandatory psych evaluations- this deranged fool clearly needs it.


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