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[VIDEO] No-Nonsense Nam Vet Stood in Front of Baltimore Rioters and Shamed Them into Going Home


At least one person in Baltimore hasn’t lost their damn minds rioting. A brave veteran stood up to the thugs and brats burning their own city to the ground. Idiots:


As riots throughout the city of Baltimore, Md., raged on Monday evening, at least one individual in the crowd was using his solitary voice to urge the violent, destructive protesters to reconsider their involvement.

In an interview with CNN, Vietnam Veteran Robert Valentine explained why he was not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the angry mob.

“I did 30 years, OK?” he said. “I came out a master sergeant. I’ve seen more than all this. I’ve been through the riots and all that. This right here is not relevant.”

He had some simple advice for those committing acts of destruction in the city.

“They need to have their butts at home,” he said. “They need to be in their home units with their family, studying and doing something with their life – not out here protesting about something that’s not really about nothing.”

Pretty much, you little brats. Take your spoiled, entitled asses back home and let your mama know what you have been doing. I can guarentte you won’t be sitting down for awhile after she’s through with you.

H/T: Western Journalism

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