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VIDEO: Friend of the Marine Vet Imprisoned in Iran Unloads on Obama: “I’m Absolutely Appalled and Disgusted”


You likely haven’t heard of Amir Hekmati.  Unlike a certain deserter whose name will never intrude on one of our posts, Hekmati is a US Marine veteran, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, holder of an honorable discharge for his service, and was a contractor with the US military specializing in cultural and language programs.

Hekmati served in the Corps in the same time period as our son, 2001 – 2005, though they never met.  Hekmati is a US citizen, born in Arizona who grew up in Michigan.  He’s of Iranian descent and still has family in Iran.  Which brings us to this post.

Here’s Amir’s story, from the Giveforward page set up my Montel Williams to help Amir’s family.

Amir Hekmati, decorated Marine veteran, traveled to Iran in 2011 to visit his ailing grandmother. Just days before he was to return home, Iranian intelligence agents arrested Amir. He was taken to Evin prison, where he has languished behind its walls since. Tortured and forced to making a false confession which aired on Iranian state television before his trial even began, Amir was sentenced to death in January of 2012 on the charges of Espionage, Corrupting the Earth, and Waging War Against God. It was the first time an American had been charged to death in Iran in 33 years. In March of 2012, his death sentence was overturned by a higher court, citing insufficient evidence, and a new trial was ordered.This trial took place over a year later, behind closed doors, without the knowledge of Amir or his attorney. In this secret trial where Amir was not able to present a defense, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for cooperating with a hostile country, presumably because of his service in the United States military.

During his imprisonment, Amir has endured abuse, mistreatment and torture, including having his feet whipped with cables, having TASERS used on his kidneys, being forced to witness the torture of other prisoners, and being held in isolation.Amir was born in Arizona and grew up in Michigan. He joined the Marines in 2001 because he wanted to serve the country that he loves.

Amir served as an infantry rifleman while enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He served honorably during Operation Iraqi Freedom, participating in many combat missions.  …

While Amir has been imprisoned, his father, Ali Hekmati, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. As a result of his treatment, he has suffered many strokes, leaving him unable to continue his job as a Microbiology professor and needing 24 hour care. Ali wants nothing more than to hold his son in his arms again and fears that he will lose his battle to cancer before Amir is released and returned to their home in Michigan.

There are three things you can do to help Amir and his family.

First, contact your Congressman and your Senators immediately and let them know you want Amir released immediately.  The Obama administration has no business negotiating with a terrorist state holding a United States Marine Corps veteran as a prisoner on trumped up charges.

Second, consider a donation to the Giveforward page.  If they can reach $20,000 by Tuesday, April 14th Giveforward will add an additional $1,000.  Give up a couple of lattes and donate $10 to this family.

Third, pray for Amir, for his dad, and for his family.  In fact, pray for our nation.  Amir rotting in an Iranian prison while Barack Obama and John Kerry try to make an “agreement” with this terrorist nation their legacy is the picture of where we are at today as a nation.  It makes us want to cry.


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