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US Citizenship For Sale to the Highest Foreign Bidder With Democratic Connections


It turns out illegal immigration from Mexico is just the tip of the iceberg:

You certainly know about the scandal that is centered on Pres. Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws on our southern borders. We’ve been writing about that for several years, and it’s an outrage. 

There’s a wrinkle in the 1990 Immigration Act called the EB-5 immigrant investor visa program. The original idea, supposedly, was to encourage foreign investment that would create jobs in the US. Foreign investors make a job-creating investment in the US and they would get a special visa that would eventually lead to US citizenship.

Well, it turns out that the EB-5 program was really just tool to line the pockets of connected politicians.  Surprise, surprise.

Former federal immigration officials instantly became “consultants” to cash in on their expertise, and an industry popped up for economists whose expertise was, in reality, cooking the books for “job creation” projects.  They even went so far as to make the US Census employment data fit the EB-5 program’s definition of “targeted employment areas” to qualify for lower investment thresholds.

The immigration employees charged with adjudicating the program have tried to enforce investment standards but guess what!  Senior managers and politicians have leaned on them to “be lenient.”

The DHS Inspector General just released a report last week that won’t get much publicity on the nightly news because it’s an indictment of powerful Democrats.  It confirms what whistle blowers have been telling Congress for years.  Notice that the Congress hasn’t done anything.

Behind the scenes, the IG found, Dirty Harry Reid pressured Deputy DHS Secretary Mayorkas to overturn his agency’s rejection of expedited EB-5 visa applications for Chinese investors in a Las Vegas casino hotel, which just happened to be represented by Reid’s lawyer son Rory. Adjudicators balked at the preferential treatment. Mayorkas steamrolled the dissenters, who reported on shouting matches over the cases. Reid’s staffers received special briefings from Mayorkas to update them on the project’s progress.

One underling called it “a whole new phase of yuck.”

But that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Meanwhile, in the words of one DHS official at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau, Mayorkas “absolutely gave special treatment” to electric car racket GreenTech, which zealously sought EB-5 visas for another group of deep-pocketed Chinese investors. McAuliffe helmed the company after it was spun off from a Chinese venture. He plugged in Rodham as president of Gulf Coast Funds Management, which won designation as an EB-5 regional center certified to invest foreign capital in federally approved commercial ventures in Louisiana and Mississippi, including GreenTech. Louisiana GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Mississippi GOP Gov. Haley Barbour both signed letters urging DHS to approve Gulf Coast as a regional center.

This came up in the Governor’s election in Virginia, McAuliffe denied doing anything wrong and media, since McAuliffe is a Democrat, ignored it.

Politicians steamrolling the law.  Who could have thought that might happen?  And it’s politicians on both sides of the aisle.

This program should be scrapped.  It’s an affront to every legal immigrant who has worked hard and followed the rules to immigrate to America.  Not only would we like to see the program scrapped, we’d like to see the politicians and bureaucrats who have abused it deported to Tierra del Fuego.

But then again, it’s only political corruption.  And that is what government is all about.



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