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The United States of Google


To say that there’s a cozy relationship between the Obama White House and Google probably qualify as the understatement of the century. And Google is working hard to extend that coziness into a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Google Loves Obama!

Google provided candidate Barack Obama a launching pad in 2007 in a meet and greet at Google headquarters in Silicon Valley. Here’s the candidate at a Q&A with then-CEO Eric Schmidt that was broadcast all Google employees.

That visit paid huge dividends for Obama. And, it has paid huge dividends for Google as well.
Google employees donated nearly $2 million to Obama’s campaigns.

Obama offered Schmidt’s choice of cabinet slots in 2012. He turned down the cabinet seats but accepted a position on Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Google has made available to both the Obama campaigns and the Obama administration top talent. The president’s campaign organization, Obama For America, became home to Michael Slaby, one of Schmitz chief technology strategists. He became the chief integration and innovation officer at OFA. Also moving from Google to OFA were some of Schmidt’s top engineers and code writers.

When the ObamaCare website crashed, it was Eric Schmidt to the rescue. Megan Smith, a Schmidt vice president at Google is the Obama administration’s chief technology officer.

The onslaught of Google nerds into Obama for America gave Obama a technological advantage in terms of data mining that neither John McCain or Mitt Romney could match. And in an overt effort to push Obama over the top in 2012, Google customized search results for “Obama” Google searches. Searching “Romney” yielded no such help.

Google claimed that anomaly was the result of a computer algorithm not human intervention. Right.

Google gets PAYBACK.

It’s not like Google didn’t get payback. In 2011 the Federal Trade Commission church Google with manipulating their search results. Just like they did for Obama over Romney, Google slanted their product searches to favor their products over Amazon and eBay, a practice that violated antitrust laws.

A finding against Google by the FTC could have led to a breakup of Google, much like the breakup of Ma Bell. But fear not the Obama White House open their doors. White House visitor logs show hundreds and hundreds of visits by top Google executives and lobbyists and Larry Page, a Google co-founder, met directly with the FTC.

The Federal Trade Commission’s investigation was mysteriously closed down in January 2013.

It’s Hillary Time!!

Google is ramping up right now for 2016.

Hillary Clinton is hiring top Google tech talent for her presidential campaign, expected to be announced this Sunday.

Stephanie Hannon will be working with Clinton to help her navigate all things digital just as former Google employees helped Obama. Hannon was Google’s leader in product management or civic engagement. And Clinton is expected to announce her campaign via social media. Surprise surprise.

Google is the poster child for political incest. Democrats like to scream about how Republicans are “the party of the rich” and “the party of business.” Those are simply lies that Democrats hope, when repeated often enough, will be perceived as the truth.
Democrats are owned part and parcel by the tech industry, Wall Street, and public employee unions. Google is a prime example of this ownership and they’re looking to extend it with the Clinton presidency.
Oh, and a topic for another time, did you ever wonder how the NSA gets all their information?

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