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TTV: Goat Attacks Yard Worker


Yesterday for Video of the Day, we had a trespassing squirrel get nailed by a mouse trap… Admittedly, some people were upset that the squirrel got it’s bell rung. To make it up to all those people who were upset, we want to offer up this video of a goat making someone’s job almost impossible to accomplish due too repeatedly smacking them in the head.

And to the one person (maybe more) that will undoubtedly complain that this goat should not be allowed to stand on this guy because they could fall and scuff a hoof or something… I am sick of hearing it. I love live living animals, but I also like a stomach full of some tasty tasty meat. That will never change, so give up already.

Bu keçi kafayı sıyırmış :))))

Posted by on Monday, September 15, 2014


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