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Parents Grant Their 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Request to be a Boy!


Mia and Joe Lemay, a Massachusetts couple claim they knew their child wasn’t happy being a girl, so they say they’ve made “the difficult decision” to raise their daughter as a boy. … at the little five-year-old’s own request. wth?

When parents give a young child a lot of attention for a particular type of behavior, the kid learns in about ten seconds that repeating that same behavior will get more attention. And what do kids want more than candy or video games? Attention. That’s why you don’t constantly pick babies up when they cry.

So as the little two-year-old “developed” and continued to make comments about wanting to be a boy, the parents cut their little girl’s hair, renamed her “Jacob” and declared that this was no tomboy – no – this was a clear case of transgender. Why?

So… which one’s the boy again?

Because the little kid kept telling them so.

Some background from CBS Boston:

.. the name ‘Mia,’ was scrapped last June, when [Jacobs] parents and family therapy team concluded the then four-year old was transgender — a little girl wired as a little boy.

“wired?” What the hell are they talking about and since when do you have a “family therapy team” hovering around a 3-4 year-old? … Oh, yeah… paychecks. Anyway:

Mia began verbalizing it at age two, triggering a long family struggle with the subject, as the little girl grew increasingly unhappy and withdrawn — stuck with a gender she did not embrace. “That’s the kind of psychological burden that I don’t think anyone should have to deal with, especially not my child,” Jacob’s mother Mimi said.

“We realized how risky it is to not take action and not to allow that child to not become who they feel that they are,” Joe said.(WBZ-TV)

There was no surgery and no hormones. Those are several years off should Jacob stay on this path — as his parents strongly believe he will. The Lemays argue that delay equals damage, and they don’t mind putting their handprints on it publicly. “I want to change the way that society perceives and accepts transgender people,” Mimi said. “Because this is the society that my son will grow up in.”

Should Jacob want to transition back to a girl somewhere down the road — the Lemays argue the detour has only cost a little confusion and maybe some embarrassment, whereas forcing an unwanted gender on a child might put them on a suicidal path.

You get the idea.  There’s a ton of psychobabble in the story that boils down to “blah, blah, blah.” Transgender is the new black.  Or something like that.

Bottom line, these idiots let their five year old decide what gender she is. You want real reality? This couple with two little girls already has probably been trying for a little boy for a while and when they third one came out a girl too – they went with plan T: The middle one said she wanted to be a boy, so problem solved!

We’re not going to waste our energy discussing biology.  To us it’s obvious, to them, it’s irrelevant.  For instance, Facebook offers their users a grand total of 71 choices of gender when setting up their page.  Yep, 71.

What we are going to do is add some perspective to this stupidity.

Let’s take a look at the kinds of things Child Protective Services (CPS) does on a daily basis.  Remember, CPS is the arm of the government that is designated to protect children from abuse and neglect.

Danielle and Alexander Meitiv of Silver Spring, MD allowed their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter to walk home from a park near their house.  They got about half way home before the cops picked them up, took them into custody, and then turned them over to CPS.

Needless to say, CPS is investigating, probably until Hell freezes over.

Or Kari Anne Roy of Austin, Texas, pictured below.  She let her 6-year-old play about 150 feet down the street from her house, within eyesight.  A neighbor apparently called the police who showed up with CPS.  Again, mom is being investigated.

Kari Anne Roy

These are not by any means rare occurrences. they’re just two examples for perspective.  CPS is more than willing to wage war on parents who give their kids a little independence, but they’re silent on parents that will let a five-year-old make a decision about her gender.

One more example.  Think back to when your kids were 5ish.  If you don’t have kids, ask your parents, trust us, they’ll remember.  Would you let a five-year-old make a decision on what was going to be for dinner every night?

“If you make me eat this, I will die!” my 5-year-old son, Daniel, wailed when I mixed peas with pasta. The horror! But he’s hardly the first kid to claim mortal danger from a pea. Others eat only white food, won’t go near meat or gag at the thought of eating a Tater Tot that’s touched the burger.

You get the idea.  So,we’re pretty sure that we’d all agree that it would be a less than stellar idea for a five year old to pick out dinner.  Or, which house to buy.  Or, well, most things.

So these Massachusetts “parents” are willing to let their five-year-old make a life altering decision and they support it.  And we can guarantee you that the “psychological community” and “educators” and all variety of brain-dead fruitcakes all over the world will support their decision as well.

“Hey did you hear about the LeMay’s? They finally had a boy!…. four years after it was born… But still?”

Family Shares Story of 5 Year Old Transgender Son

Mimi and Joe Lemay talked to NBC about their daughter, originally called Mia, and her gender transition into “Jacob”. They say they hope they will change perceptions to show that people are never too young to transition.

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