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The “Gay Rights Community” are Cowards to Their Rotten Core


Last week we were treated to a spectacle revolving around the passage of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  “Gay rights” activists went crazy when a young girl in a pizzeria was asked by a local TV reporter if they would cater a gay wedding.  She said that they serve every customer that walks in the door but, because of their Christian beliefs they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding.

First of all, who would have pizza for dinner at any wedding?  Second, this is the stuff of national news?

Now then, about the gay rights community and their cowardice.  Steven Crowder is a conservative podcaster and he made a trip to Dearborn, MI last week.

In case you don’t know, Dearborn is a place often referred to as “Michiganistan” because of it’s significant Muslim population.  Guess what they’ve also got lots of in Michiganistan?  Would you believe bakeries?

So, Crowder, posing as a homosexual about to get married and went shopping for a wedding cake.

“Groom and Groom.”  And Steven gets turned away from multiple bakeries.


WHERE IS THE PRESS???????????????????

Oh yeah, we remember.

That’s a picture of a gay wedding in Barack Obama’s newest favorite country, Iran.

We’re pretty sure that none of the above bakers will threatened with death or having their business burned to the ground.

Jess is quite the bully when it comes to a Christian owned pizza shop.  So where is she with these bakeries in Dearborn?

She’s right there where everybody – well, with the exception of Conservatives – is when it comes to Muslims.  She’s in the closet.  Quaking with fear.  Scared she’s going to be separated from her head for criticizing a bunch of Muslims.

Like we said, the “gay rights community” are a bunch of cowards.  Pick on a little girl?  That’s cool.  Muslims?  Hell no!!

That’s just one more reason we have no use for these idiots.



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