Texas Republican Jason Villalba Wants Teachers to Diagnose Mental Health, Call the Police & Force Psychological Screening of Students!

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Jason Villalba, Texas State Representative, has introduced a bill that would give teachers  the power to diagnose our children’s mental health issues. Say what? (Contact Info at the End of the Article!)

Call Jason Villalba and impart some common sense please! (512) 463-0576
Call Jason Villalba and impart some common sense please! (512) 463-0576

Mr. Villalba Wants teachers to diagnose health issues, force students to have psychological screening, and involve law enforcement if not done in a timely manner.

When are politicians like Villalba going to realize that you cannot sanitize the world of its problems through legislation. When is he going to realize that legislation like this ALWAYS creates 1000 new problems for every 1 that it solves? How much brain work does it take to see that this will lead to a gaggle of wrongful mental health determinations and suspensions, dragging families into a plethora of hassles including dealing with law enforcement?

As reported by TheFreeThoughtProject.com:

School administrators would be required under the law to provide the student’s name, address, and information regarding the complaint to the local mental health authorities and the POLICE DEPARTMENT upon verification of the complaint.

We need to be solving then problem of unnecessary law enforcement involvement in family issues, not increase it!
We need to be solving then problem of unnecessary law enforcement involvement in family issues, not increase it!

(i) A school counselor or a principal who receives notice
under. Subsection (b) about a student who subsequently is subject to
a notice of intent to suspend under Subsection (g) shall:
(1) provide the student’s name and address and
information concerning the conduct or statement that led to the
notice of intent to suspend to:
(A) the school district police department, if the
school counselor or principal is employed by a school district and
the district has a police department;
(B) the police department of the municipality in
which the school is located or, if the school is not in a
municipality, the sheriff of the county in which the school is
located; and
(C) the local mental health authority nearest the

As if Teachers did not have enough to do besides becoming psychologists!

This comes on the heels of some other Big Government Intrusion bills authored and sponsored by the legislator.

He recently was forced to withdraw an un-Constitutional bill that would have criminalized citizens filming cops closer than 25 ft.

Jason Villalba also created a huge stir when  proposed a bill, H.B. 2006, which would have  created a forced government vaccination program without exception.

He actually drafted some good legislation that would have  protected Texas business owners from unconstitutional infringements on their religious liberty…then he withdrew it!

We are born, live life and face hurdles, and then we die. Some people jump their hurdles. Those people get stronger for doing so. Some people cry in front of their hurdles, and they play the victim mentality and they stay weak. Life has its ups and downs. There are some horrific things that happen during some lifetimes. Some people overcome, some never do.

Government cannot, and should not, try to sanitize the world of all its problems. That is the huge flaw within liberal thought. It always backfires, ie. ObamaCare, CommonCore, Gun Restriction…(I could go on).

Herman Cain states it so easily. “The Federal Government Cannot Micromanage!” Neither can the State, and in most circumstances, neither can the local municipalities.

99% of the problems that occur in life can only be handled adequately on the personal and family level. That is why this great country exists. Freedom and Liberty. That is why we have thrived.

I repeat, “Government Cannot Micromanage!”

I repeat! "Government Cannot Micromanage!!"
I repeat! “Government Cannot Micromanage!!”


The founding fathers looked back through history and understood that the more government intrudes in ones personal life, the more problems it actually created.

They knew that un-limited government always ends in bondage and dependency.

They knew that limited government was necessary to ensure and maintain Freedom and Liberty!

They understood that “Government Cannot Micromanage!”

For more information on the specific problems that this bill could cause and its ramifications, I would encourage a read of Merrill Hope’s Breitbart articleTexas Rep Villalba’s Public Education Bill Will Force Mental Health Screenings on Students

As she states so eloquently; “House Bill 985 walks a treacherous tightrope.

Contact Rep. Villalba and communicate to him that “Government Cannot Micromanage!” Let him know how you feel about this Orwellian legislation. Let him know you do not believe this is the responsibility of the school or teacher!

Facebook: Rep Jason Villalba

Twitter: @JasonVillalba

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Austin (512) 463-0576 ~ Dallas (214) 363-8700

Grassroots Activism forced him to withdraw his legislation that would have criminalized citizens filming cops. Grassroots legislation can get rid of this insanity as well.



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