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Ted Nugent at the NRA Convention … Endorses Hillary?


Sort of. The endorsement was for jail time for Hillary. Some presidents have compared the Oval Office to jail in an offhand manner. Nugent wasn’t doing that, he was referring to real time at the Graybar motel.

In an interview with IJReview Nugent clarified his endorsement.

“Clinton should not be running for President today, she should be in jail,” Nugent said, enumerating multiple high-profile Clinton scandals of late. “She deleted thousands of emails on a secret server. I want to see those emails. She watched our Ambassador’s house burn. And did nothing? Why is she not in prison?” Nugent was referring to the terrorist attack in Benghazi in 2012.

One of these days Nugent is going to stop holding back.
With reference to the Republican field, Nugent isn’t ready to endorse any of the field at this time. However, he noted that he would not be endorsing Chris Christie. In another Nugentesque comment Ted noted “That man has no balls,” referring to Christie’s ban on hollowpoint bullets in New Jersey. “We need somebody to go against Hillary who has balls.”
In defense of Hillary, she does have bigger balls than the current resident of the Oval Office. But that’s not saying much.



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