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Sportsmans Group Gives Back to Some Amazing Wounded Heroes


Over the years, our Military Troops have sacrificed their lives, families and friends to fight for the very freedom we have today. Many of these soldiers have never made it home after going into battle.

For some who have made it home, it has not been an easy transition back to a normal life. Many of these soldiers are wounded from battle. These soldiers struggle and fight every single day of their lives.

The Quantico Injured Military Sportsman Association was formed to give these wounded heroes a chance to get out into the great outdoors and experience hunting.

QIMSA raises the money through fund raisers, sponsorship’s and donations to give these soldiers the chance to hunt. All equipment for the soldier to hunt is given to him/her by QIMSA at no cost to them. The soldier is also given many other free items to take home with them.

We at Timber Ghost TV were given the opportunity to head to Virginia this past weekend April 10-12 to film this wonderful event. When I arrived at the James River Inn. In Scottsville, VA on Friday I was greeted with open arms by the owner of the inn. After a few hours of getting settled in I then had the privileged to meet the Marine that I would be filming for the weekend. Tim Demers is his name. After chatting for a while, we met up with Brian Bodine the owner of RazorBack Guide Service and his son Russell Bodine starting center for the Cincinnati Bengals.
turkey hunt2

Once introductions were over we split up in search of some turkeys to put to roost. We arrived at the property of RazorBack Guide Service and immediately found ourselves among several nice gobblers strutting around putting on quite a show right near the blinds Brian Bodine set up for us to hunt out of. We immediately decided that our scouting adventure was over and headed back to the lodge.

As morning came, the anticipation was setting in for Tim Demers. This being his first turkey hunt ever, he was pretty excited to get out there and hunt. Tim was so excited he remembered everything but the shells for his shotgun! Of course, being the well organised man he is Fred Salo, Retired USMC had quite a few extra shells for him. Problem Solved.

We made our way to the blinds; gobblers already firing off from the roost. Once settled in the blinds we waited, and waited. The sun came up and the turkeys hit the ground was one after another they gobbled. After a few hours, we spotted a hen and gobbler working the power line above us. After about 30 minutes of patience Tim was finally given the opportunity to shoot. The gobbler hit the ground and did not move. Tim was stunned. He did it. He finally shot his first turkey. Tim could not thank all of us enough for the rest of that day. The following day we headed out to the same power line for another hunt. Tim was set up along with myself and Brian Bodine.

About an hour and a half after getting settled in Brian hit the call and BOOM! 10 feet away from the blind a gobbler fire off right back at us. The rumble of the gobble and drumming of the turkeys chest shook the blind and scared Tim and I to death. Never hearing such a powerful but yet peaceful sound, Tim was amazed. That gobbler worked in within shooting range but out of the sight of Tim, and eventually disappeared into the timber.

turkey hunt3

Several hours later, silent as can be another gobbler appeared into shooting range. Tim immediately positioned himself to shoot. I gave him the okay and BANG! Second gobbler down! Two gobblers in two days; all on the same power line. Could not ask for a better hunt.

turkey hunt4To give back to such an amazing hero was such an honor.

I would like to personally thank YOUNTO, QIMSA, and RazorBack Guide Service for allowing Timber Ghost to film this amazing hunt.

The memories of Tim and his first gobblers will remain in our hearts forever.


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