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Shocking Images from Cameras on Border Show Illegals Sneaking into US Loaded with Drugs and Guns


See for yourself just a few of the tens of thousands – maybe millions – of future Democrat Voters illegally entering the United States – many packed with drugs, guns and who knows what else?

This is pathetic, but guess what? Republicans AND Democrats are cool with it because they both want illegals in this country. Republicans want cheap labor and Dems want the voters, so the fact that they also bring in crime, drugs, guns, whatever – is just the cost of doing business.

Cameras placed along Texas' 1,200-mile border with Mexico have captured the stream of illegal immigrants sneaking into the country on a daily basis

President Obama continues to fight to push through an executive order to shield illegal immigrants from deportation.

In March it was revealed more immigrants are choosing more remote and dangerous crossing points to make it to the United States.

A man is seen here jumping off the back of a truck with 208lbs of marijuana stashed on the back 

That ain’t bales of hay.

The Border Patrol has responded by expanding its search-and-rescue teams to monitor the area, as a growing number of bodies of suspected illegal immigrants are being found.

Many of the bodies are being discovered just southwest of Mission, Texas, where the fire department’s dive-and-rescue team has had a busy winter. In January and February alone, it recovered at least six bodies in the murky canals.

In February, governor Greg Abbot claimed that had 20,000 illegal immigrants had already entered the country since the start of the year.

Operation Drawbridge, a collaborative program between DPS, U.S. Border Patrol and border sheriffs, is a sophisticated system that utilizes motion-detection cameras located on farms and ranches near the Texas-Mexico border. The cameras are monitored in real-time, around-the-clock by the Texas Border Security Operations Center, U.S. Border Patrol, the Texas Joint Crime Information Center, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and border sheriffs’ offices. When a smuggling or suspicious event is detected, an alert is immediately sent to all law enforcement partners to support a subsequent interdiction effort.

In 2014, Operation Drawbridge was responsible for:

  • 29,361 apprehensions;
  • 58,238 individuals detected; and
  • 88,463 pounds of drugs seized.

“Any time law enforcement interdicts a smuggling attempt, we consider it a significant gain in the fight against the cartels and their operatives,’ McCraw said. “The collaborative law enforcement efforts of Operation Drawbridge have bolstered our ability to combat the exploitation of our border by these ruthless criminals.”

Since the inception of the program through the end of March 2015, Operation Drawbridge has been successful in detecting more than 121,800 criminal exploitations of the Texas-Mexico Border, and has directly resulted in the apprehension of more than 56,200 individuals and more than 112.1 tons of narcotics.


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