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PRO HUNTS: Big-Game Hunting With The Biggest Names in Sports


Big-Game Hunting is more than just recreation or putting food on the table for a lot of folks: It’s a part of their heritage, a family tradition and a way to guarantee the future of North American wildlife.

Hunting is a legacy we all share from when it ultimately determined survival. It’s in our DNA and that culture lives on today in the modern pursuit of big game. It’s also been a favorite pastime for high-profile luminaries stretching from President Teddy Roosevelt to Shaquille O’Neal, Kid Rock, Tom Selleck, Ernest Hemingway, Tom Brokaw, Kurt Russell – even the late Nelson Mandela had a love for big-game hunting.

Though now not driven by absolute survival, the ideal of providing for yourself some of the best, leanest meat possible is something engrained in hunters and is shared by some of the most accomplished and famous athletes in the world. – a brand-new concept, over two-years in the making – continues that tradition with a contemporary twist which allows all hunting enthusiasts to share the experience of big-game hunting with their favorite sports stars. Some background:


Headed up by the father/son duo Mont Beardall and Tyler Beardall, Pro Hunts has had the opportunity over the years to get to know a different side to some of the biggest names in sports – which links people from all walks of life. They specialize in Western Big Game hunts, video production with Professional Athletes and guiding hunts for trophy class Deer and Elk.

unnamedMont has been a big game guide for 31 years all over the Western US, Canada and Alaska and over 18 years working with professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA and NASCAR on big game hunts – through Pro Hunts network of guides.

Tyler has 12 years as a big game guide, over 10 years experience as a videographer and heads up the creative side of Pro Hunts, filming and producing the hunts.

They are an amazing duo!

The places and landscapes Mont and Tyler have seen and experienced are some of the most breath taking in the world.

To get close to big game and be able to capture their existence and habitat on film is something every hunter should see.

Nice Montana whitetail with JJ Hardy


To see their passion for the outdoors and big game is wildly refreshing and is an experience that’s no doubt on every hunters bucket list of dreams.

Knowing that not everyone will have the chance to experience this, Mont and Tyler have devised an opportunity to share every experience they can with Pro

The film techniques Pro Hunts incorporates puts you right there on the hunt with the athlete and guide – you’re in on every second of action!

They’ve made it their mission to capture, deliver and share with everyone what they’ve been so blessed to have lived over the years and show a relatable side to some of the biggest names in sports – outside of the element they’ve been known by.




These athletes do not hail themselves as heroes but what they are are role models and great ones at that.

They have values and respect for the outdoors and are more relatable than many people could imagine just by watching them on TV.

You will surely be entertained and feel like you have a few more good ol hunting buddies after experiencing

Their reviews are almost as good as it gets:

Scott Heinz 5 star – Hats off to the team at Pro Hunts. This first class team of individuals works hard to put you in a fantastic shooting position. Everything from the hospitality to the ground they hunt was well thought out. If you want to get close to world-class animals book with this team.

For more background information on Pro-Hunts CLICK HERE



55 N Merchant St #1115

American Fork, UT 84003



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