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Possible Campaign Slogans for Hillary


Hillary’s spokesperson says we must not call her Hillary, for that would be sexist.

So, Hillary has announced that she is running for President.  There will be no adoring crowds.

She slipped in quietly on social media in order to have the story be all about her when and if Marco Rubio declares in public his candidacy, which he is expected to do today (Monday).

Nor will there be any media coverage nor media questions about how she could only handle one email account on one phone during her time heading the State Department.

I have been thinking about possible campaign slogans for her, and the one being bandied about is a good one: Hillary for President – what difference does it make?

I began following politics in 1992 when my husband bought a computer for me.  Talk about timing!  I quickly found that Monica Lewinsky’s stained blue dress was every bit as salacious as the soap operas I had been watching.  Then came the Impeachment trial.  I was fascinated, appalled, and hooked.

Therefore I have a particularly good recall of many events which happened during Bill Clinton’s Presidency.  We not only had America’s “first black President” as he was dubbed at the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner.  Hillary was dubbed the co-President because of the outsized influence she had on Bill’s agenda.

With all the history of the Clinton’s time in office,  these slogans might be appropriate:

Hillary – Don’t you want your first female President?

Hillary – from Co-President to President at long last!

Hillary – What difference at this point does my past make?

Hillary – I stuck with the serial sexual assaulter, just waiting for this day!

Hillary – Cattle futures fortune, and I’m still broke!

Hillary – Continuing Obama’s fundamental transformation

Hillary – My health care law of 1993 should have been passed!

Hillary – I promise I’ll do better – how hard could that be?

Hillary – So I can once again call the Secret Service agents pigs

Hillary – Being fired from Watergate investigations for lying prepared me to be President

Hillary – I deleted more data than Richard Nixon!

Hillary – Just to defeat the Vast Right-wing Conspiracy!

Hillary – Because I’m so poor I had to steal furniture from the White House

Hillary – Because it’s my turn!

Well, you get the idea.  We will all have fun with this candidate.  I truly thought she would not have the arrogance, the shortsightedness, or the courage to run.  Think of the columns to be written on the already mentioned subjects and a whole lot more.


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