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Pizza My Heart Shows Love To Customer In a Moving Act of Kindness


Restaurants near colleges are no strangers to weird requests, and Pizza My Heart, located near Stanford University, is no exception. usually off requests from frat and sorority houses are the norm, but an online order request was for a very different kind of party. Pizza My Heart sure earned a Piece of her heart- and probably a lifetime customer, to boot:


Pizza My Heart received an online delivery order for two large pizzas. In the request field, the customer had entered, “Send us your cutest delivery boy. Tell me I’m pret,” which the restaurant assumed meant “pretty” but the online form had cut off the last part of the message.

The male pizza employee expected to encounter a group of college girls when he made the delivery. Instead, he found a house decorated for a birthday, but only one woman at home, according to Fox News.

The woman told the delivery driver that she had thrown herself a birthday party but no one else came.

She invited the driver in for cake. Hesitantly, he accepted.

The driver reports that he stayed with the woman for about an hour, and they talked and laughed the whole time.

Before he left, he hugged the woman and told her she was pretty.

Good deeds sometimes are punished, as the employee received a written warning from his manager for taking so long on the delivery order.

The employee, who has not been identified, says the time spent on the unusual birthday request was well worth it.

Right out of some kind of sappy 80’s movie, this lady was able to get her birthday wish. I feel so bad for her, though. At least this delivery boy had the heart to be the one who made her day at least somewhat bearable. Perhaps they will stay in touch, and next year, she won’t have to order pizza to get him to her party.

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