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Phony Rape Story and the Biased Liberal Media


Perhaps you’ve heard of “Jackie” – a coed who claimed to have been gang-raped  at a fraternity house at the University of Virginia? My guess is the only thing you read about about is poor Jackie and the plague of rape and sexual assault on campus. Guess what? Both the gang-rape and the campus assault claims are gigantic lies.

Rolling Stone had the story, indicting the accused, the University, the frat, the brothers and places of higher learning across America. The country is also to blame, of course. War on Women, bla bla.. – by Rodney Lee Conover (Like or Friend me HERE)

The reporter never tried to speak to the accused rapists, or really ever looked into the matter. After all, wasn’t Jackie’s story too good to not print? Problem is, there was no gang rape. There was never anything there.

I’m not blaming the Rolling Stone reporter – after all, this is what it takes to get ahead at Rolling Stone and any other major media.

Just ask Jayson Blair, The New Republic’s Stephen Glass, or Brian Williams for that matter.

But I do blame the editors for being a bunch of Alinsky-ites at best and students of Goebbels at worst.

Liberals don’t care about women, minorities or anyone else – they only care about votes, power and money. Why else would they promote the lie that rape is a plague on college campuses?

There is no epidemic of rape or sexual assault on college campuses. I’m not saying it never occurs – just stating the fact that a coed is safer on a college campus than just about anywhere else when it comes to these crimes.

But don’t tell a liberal or anyone else in the mainstream media that – they’ll merely repeat the lie and ignore the facts – because you can’t expect any traction out of the headline; “College Men Less Dangerous.”

Especially over at Rolling Stone – where women who lie about being raped are the real victims.

Listen to the Editor of a story in Rolling Stone about a coed named; “Jackie:” She completely fabricated being gang-raped at a frat and even though it’s now known to be a lie, this editor (Sean Woods) tells us who the real victim is:

“Ultimately, we were too deferential to our rape victim,” Woods told the Columbia University investigators. “We honored too many of her requests in our reporting. We should have been much tougher, and in not doing that, we maybe did her a disservice.”

Yes, the liar, accuser and person who smeared all these kids with a claim of rape is the victim. Why?

Because Rolling Stone and all who have ignored this outrage don’t care about the frat, the boys, the University or the truth. They just want to mobilize thought and ultimately votes for their side. If you don’t think there’s us and them, you’re not paying attention. They couldn’t care less about Jackie either and it’s not subtle any longer – it’s pure propaganda without hesitation or remorse.

They will print anything that furthers their ideology no matter the lies and the ruining of reputations. Why is this woman not brought up on charges while being escorted off the campus? She’s not cooperating with the University or the police who investigated the matter and for good reason: It never happened. But you’d never know that if you count on the mainstream media for your info.

A review of Rolling Stone’s “story” by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism dragged them kicking and screaming into an apology. Even then, they used the phrase; “our rape victim.” What? No, the … oh, forget it.

Anyone promoting or even hanging onto the notion that the major media is not just of a liberal bent, but full-blown leftist is a special kind of stupid – or more likely, just your basic lying, Socialist, scumbag.

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