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Online Boyfriend Drives Cross Country for Internet Girlfriend, Is Greeted with a Baseball Bat to the Head


It started out as a Tom Hanks / Meg Ryan romantic comedy and ended up more like “The Natural” meets “Raging Bulls” as one lover gets brained with a baseball bat simply because the other didn’t thing they were a love connection.

One nutty gal decided it best to not break up with her online love, and tell him in person- the hard way:


A cyber-relationship between Samuel Campbell and Haley Fox began two years ago. When Campbell decided to take things to a more personal level, he drove from Alabama to Oregon to meet Fox, intending to live with her.

But, an affidavit says when Campbell arrived, Fox gave him a glass of wine then asked him to sit down and close his eyes. When he did, police said she cracked him in the head three times with a metal baseball bat, fracturing his skull.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Chris Baldridge says Fox told investigators she smacked Campbell because “she did not want to be his girlfriend.”

Fox’s attorney Kevin Lafky told, “suffice it to say we completely disagree with the characterization of the facts that have been made by the sheriff’s office.”

Fox was arrested and charged with first-degree assault.

What a nutball! This lady deserves to have the book thrown at her. I mean, really. Who makes someone drive cross country to whack them upside the head with a bat because she doesn’t want to live with them? Plenty of days I don’t want to live with my boyfriend, usually over some perceived slight on my behalf of drinking my last Diet Coke or eating the last piece of sharp cheddar, but hey, that is LIFE. You just don’t go around hitting people without and repercussions. I hope that the boyfriend recovers quickly and finds the company of a non-crazy gal pal soon in the future.


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