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Obama’s Visit Causes MAJOR Traffic Headache…And a BABY?


Traffic happens, yes, but nothing like when his Majesty Obama comes to town. The peasants must not drive or travel anywhere within a designated circle of safety around his very special Highness. One mama-to-be got to BE a mama- all thanks to Obama’s traffic jam:


President Obama’s visit to Louisville, Kentucky, took an unexpected turn for a pregnant woman who was stuck in traffic caused by the presidential motorcade.

The woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy Thursday in rush-hour gridlock on Interstate 65, NBC affiliate WAVE 3 reported.

“There was a woman that was in labor in the back seat of her car. They couldn’t get through due to the traffic from the motorcade,” Courtney Maloney, a Louisville MetroSafe EMS worker who delivered the baby, told WAVE 3.

The woman was not identified. A nurse, who was also stuck in the traffic, helped to deliver the baby, the station reported. The two were transported to the hospital.

“I pretty much had to ride the emergency lane all the way down,” Maloney told the station.

MetroSafe said it received a call that the woman was in labor at 5:25 p.m. local time, as the president’s motorcade was traveling from the airport to downtown Louisville. Obama had been in town to speak at a Louisville-based tech company that’s participating in a jobs initiative he recently unveiled.

Once again – thanks Obama. Good job tying up traffic so badly that a baby was delivered on the side of the road. Glad a kindhearted nurse was there to help. I’m sure this is something Obamacare won’t cover, either. Ugh.

Mother and baby are doing well.


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