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Obama is Undermining and Destroying the Air Force as We Speak


We all know that Barack Obama is been working overtime to undermine and destroy the United States military. He has removed battlefield warrior generals and replaced them with Social Justice Warriors. The evidence is clear, service branches are actively recruiting homosexuals and transsexuals.  There are quotas for slots for women in combat MOS’s and no branch is more politicized that the Air Force.

Obama appointed the first woman to “lead” the Air Force as Secretary of the Air Force, and Deborah Lee James has wasted no time turning the United States Air Force into the home for Social Justice Warriors.  She is remaking the Air Force into a home for diversity with quotas for women and minorities and specific requirements for diversity for promotion.

An offshoot of this new attitude is open warfare, not on the enemies of the United States, but on a weapons system that hasn’t been real popular with senior Air Force personnel for decades, the A-10 Warthog.

The Warthog is not a sexy fighter or stealth bomber.  It’s an ugly, low-and-slow, ground support fighter that actually requires a pilot who can fly it.  It is a single-purpose aircraft designed around a weapon, the General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger 30mm Gatling gun.  The Avenger fires 1,200 30mm cannon rounds per minute and the typical load is a depleted uranium bullet that goes through tank armor like a hot knife through butter.

It’s a “ground support” fighter, not an “air superiority” fighter and it’s sole purpose is to support Marines and soldiers on the ground from things like tanks, artillery, and enemy personnel in entrenched positions.  It is arguably the most effective ground support weapon system ever devised.  Here’s a flavor for what it will do.

Needless to say, the guys on the ground love the A-10.  It’s a life saver.  Top Air Force brass hate it because it’s not “glamorous.”  Every budget cycle they try to kill it, and this time a Social Justice General actually stepped over the line.

Maj. Gen. James N. Post was speaking to a group of about 300 airmen at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in January when he began to talk about the ongoing budget battle in Congress and how the Air Force would need to divest the A-10 in order to move forward on some of its other airframes.

“In the course of his remarks [Post] discussed the importance of loyalty to senior leader decisions [on the A-10]and used the word “treason” in describing his thoughts on communication by airmen counter to those decisions,” the Air Force said in a statement released Friday.

In other words, the General told his troops, “Keep your goddamn opinions to yourself if they don’t agree with mine.”  It’s unfortunate that this SoB will be allowed to retire with full benefits.

The General’s comments fly in the face of the history of decision-making in the military.  Typically, when a subject is up for discussion lowest ranking officers go first and the comments proceed by rank.  The rationale is that junior officers should not be influenced by senior officers’ opinions.

Post was given a letter of reprimand and removed from his command.  He should have been removed from the Air Force, but he’ll likely end up working for Ms. Secretary James making sure the Air Force chain-of-command falls into line with their new social justice mission.

With reference to the A-10, it should be taken away from the Air Force and given to the Army and the Marine Corps.  They love the air-frame because it protects their men.  It’s a battlefield weapon.  Give it to the people who know how to use it.



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