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Obama Finally Speaks About Baltimore Riots: OMG..


Obama finally spoke about Baltimore and the violence which followed the funeral of Freddie Gray.  He did condemn the thugs and criminals who steal and burn and destroy. 

He then talked about the massive effort it will take to fix the problems experienced in Ferguson, Missouri and now in Baltimore, the kind of problems which have been happening for decades.

baltimore protestersHe talks of the African-American and poor communities which have been stripped of opportunities.  

Obama went on to describe the neighborhoods as producing children into abject poverty, with no Fathers to provide guidance and parents that can’t do right by their children. 

Added to these problems, he says, are those of no investments in the community, no early education, and stripping the community of manufacturing by shipping the jobs elsewhere.

What on earth is he talking about?  CVS did invest invest in the community, the thugs looted it and then burned it down.  The Catholic church decided to build a Senior Center, and it was also burned down.  And Mr. President, you are the one who will not not vote for lower corporate taxes, a reduction in which would encourage American companies to stay in America.  

As to his call for early education – is this an effort to take kids away from those parents you described as unable to do the right thing by their kids – letting the government indoctrinate them instead? 

baltimore gangs uniteIt is Barack and Democrats who fight against School Choice, the best way to provide a superior education.

Yes, all this talk is quite amazing. 

He speaks as if he does not know that we have spent over 50 years and $1 trillion dollars on our Great Society and our War on Poverty. 

Many of the solutions he mentions have been part of these programs.  They are abused, ignored, and not made use of by those who need it the most.

Barack said the protesters had legitimate complaints about our laws not being applied evenly.  He then shocked some of us by saying that we should not just pay attention when a CVS burns, or a man is shot, or when a man’s spine is snapped!

We all know that he tainted the investigation into the Ferguson death by sending HIS Department of Justice down there to investigate, stirring up the belief that the “hands up, don’t shoot” story was true.   It is amazing that the full investigation was able to overcome this taint to prove the officer innocent. His life, however, is forever altered and downgraded.

Now Barack touts HIS Task Force, while decrying that fact that he does not run the police forces of America, and cannot federalize them – well, not without another Executive Order, I will add.  But he says he cannot leave this issue to the police – oh, no. It requires HIS Federal Government Task Force – a first step, one could say, to a Federal Police Force.

Some of us, Mr. President, have not forgotten that on July 2nd, 2008 you promised while in Colorado to create  a “Civilian National Security Force”  which would be “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the US Military.”

As for the changes he seeks, if those we are trying to “save” don’t take some responsibility, nothing will work.  While blaming the current Republican Congress for not going along with his “plan”, he ignored the fact that for 6 years he DID have a majority in Congress, and yet failed to do one serious thing to help these poor people. 

He has not made an impassioned speech imploring African-Americans and the poor to strengthen their families, to work hard, to get educated and to abide by the law.  He has suggested noprograms which will reward them for making these changes.  He has only condemned his political “enemies” for failing them.

It is time for a Task Force, Mr. President – one which acknowledges that the War on Poverty is an abject failure; that we need new ideas for solutions to old problems; that dividing Americans one against the other does not work. 



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