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NO! Don’t shut your eyes to Russian ownership of our uranium!


Is Russia’s purchase of 1/2 of American uranium deposits linked to multi-million dollar donations to Clinton Foundation and large speaking fees for Clintons ?    Don’t shut your eyes to this national security risk!
A former President and his wanna-be-President wife have consistently shown their lawlessness, an their lack of ethics and morality.  

Their latest actions could mean the downfall of America, and we dare not get overwhelmed to the point of throwing our hands in the air and checking out.
During Hillary Clinton’s time as our Secretary of State, Vladimir Putin and Russia were given control of up to 1/2 of the Uranium in our country.  Putin could stop mining it when we most need it, in a move to increase the cost and to prevent our needs from being fulfilled.  That is how Hillary’s famous Russian RESET Button has worked for us.
Can we prove it?  Hillary, of course, will destroy her computers and her emails once again, will find an excuse to be unavailable to Congressional testimony and investigations, and will fall back on her past testimony, “I don’t recall”,  if and when our government even bothers to investigate.  When all else fails, she will talk about the “vast right-wing conspiracy” and the fact that this is all so yesterday.
Standing in Hillary’s way is a letter written to the State Department about the proposed deal with Russia, a letter advising America to NOT allow the transaction. .  One of the people who must sign off on such purchases by foreign governments is – you guessed it – the Secretary of State.  You see, we don’t want foreign government to have ownership and control over our resources.
This deal with Russia for our Uranium assets is just one of many instances of our policies being hijacked by hundreds of millions of dollars of donations to the Clinton Foundation and to the speaking fees of one Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary.  It was Johnny Chung, back in the Bill Clinton days of financing his Presidential campaign with foreign dollars, who famously said, “The White House is like a subway.  You have to put in coins to open the gates”.  He was eventually convicted of conspiring to violate campaign laws and more.  They never went after Bill and Hillary.
I encourage you all to watch Fox News this Friday night at 10:00, when an hour will be spent explaining and exposing it all: The Tangled Clinton Web.  Knowing the truth is powerful.  Hillary will not be cooperating with investigations into all these “distractions”.


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