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More Muslims Than Christians? Muslim Population In US To Double By 2030…


Current population projections are estimating that the Muslim population in the US will double by 2030.  There are currently about 2.6 million Muslims in the US, in another 15 years that number could well be 6.2 million.

You can thank Barack Obama’s immigration policies and his unilateral rewrite of immigration law for that.

The question is:  So what?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim herself, is working to warn the West that our worst nightmare is on the way.

If you take a look at what’s happened in Western Europe in recent years, you’ll see that many European countries actively courted Muslim immigration. They are just beginning to pay the price.

Here in the US, thanks in large measure to a major public relations effort by the White House on behalf of Islamic terrorists, and the unwillingness of major news outlets to publish the truth about Islam, the prevalent attitude among US citizens looks like this:  It’ can’t happen here!”

In Europe Muslim terrorism is routine.

In Denmark cartoonist highlighted cartoons of the pedophile-prophet Mohammed. Death threats, murder, and bombings ensued.


In Britain, “homegrown” terrorists laid in wait outside an army base and attacked and beheaded a British soldier at random.

In France, which has a Muslim population of around 8%, the French have seen some of riots in Paris by “youths” who are in fact nothing more and Muslim terrorists.

And then there was the most recent act of Muslim terrorism in Paris, the massacre at the headquarters of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

We could go on, but you get the idea.
The problem that we will be facing is that Muslim immigrants, at the invitation of Barack Obama, tend to come from countries that are home to large numbers of “radicalized” Muslims.

It is this group that clings tightly to Sharia Law. They believe that anyone who leaves Islam should be killed. They believe in and practice “honor killings” of women who would marry outside their Muslim religion, or those who become “westernized.” A recent survey of Muslim Americans found that nearly 10% believe that suicide bombing justified.

There is another feature of Muslim immigration that is unique to the United States. Nearly one-quarter of conversions to Islam are African-Americans. A majority of those conversions happen in US prisons.

Given that new Muslim converts seen most attracted to the most radical practitioners Islam, the idea that violent inmates who will be released society are becoming Muslim should be a major cause for alarm.

But of course that would be racist and Islamophobic.

The problem – and the solution – comes back to our immigration laws and Barack Obama.  We realize that there’s not going to be any change in the next two years, but the number one priority, or at least in the top five, for our next President and Congress is to eliminate every Obama Executive Order and policy on immigration and start enforcing our existing laws.

In addition, we agree that we need an overhaul of existing law.  One of the top items that should be overhauled is allowing immigration from Muslim countries.  It should be – must be – stopped.

If we continue down our current path, we will become Europe, surrendering to Muslims and Sharia Law here at home just like President Obama is engineering in the “negotiations” with Iran.



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