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Mouthy Teen Flips Off Judge: Gets Lesson in Courtroom Behavior [VIDEO]


One teen CLEARLY had no clue what kind of a hot mess she was getting into when she went before a judge. I’m sure he sees dozens of kids hauled into his court daily, but this girl takes the prize.

Her charges are drug possession, which is stupid enough, but then she decides that giggling and laughing are appropriate. Let’s follow this up with a healthy dose of lies, shall we? The judge admonishes her, and tells her that this is a serious matter, she keeps on with the disrespect by laughing yet more and playing with her hair.

She just doesn’t get it. The judge lets her know the 1st offense is worth 5k, and says she can go. She then says a nasty ‘Adios!’ to the judge, who then calls her back to ask if she really did say that. After saying yes, she gets a 10k fine and a look of absolute shock, which earns the judge another adios AND the bird.

She then earns 30 days in the slammer. Good for the judge to crack down on this gal- it’s about time she had a hard lesson!


This has to be one of the most epic courtroom scenes we’ve ever seen. When defendant, Penelope Soto, appears before the judge in Miami, FL regarding the charge of being in possession of illegal drugs, she gets herself into much more trouble than she was originally in.

It’s so sad that its honestly comical. Soto is clearly clueless, but whether that is due to being a spoiled brat or because she might be high is unclear. Either way, the judge set her straight and it’s really kind of thrilling to watch.

Adios Ms. Soto! Disrespect from authority like that will get you NOWHERE.

The follow up video shows a remorseful girl, crying and actually apologizing to the court.

The judge takes sympathy on her, though it is apparent he doesn’t do this often, he does release her to a clinic for treatment, after she admits to taking two Xanax. The judge minces no words, and tells her she is an addict, and that is precisely why she was brought to his courtroom in the first place.

This girl, as dumb as she was acting, clearly had no feelings for her parents or her sisters sitting in the courtroom with her. Her mother was crying as her daughter embarrassed her family again and again. The judge was smart to slap this girl in the face with a heavy dose of reality. It may not be enough to change her actions, but maybe if she is treated this way by enough no-nonsense judges, a light bulb will go on in that empty head of hers.

H/T: Qpolitical

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