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Michael Brown Memorial Tree Now a Fitting Memorial as Vandals Do Their Part


Last Saturday folks in Ferguson, Missouri, gathered together and planted a tree in a public park in memory of and to “honor” Michael Brown.

We guess so that future generations of black kids in Ferguson can go to the park and sit under it’s leaves and talk about how poor Michael Brown had his hands up trying to surrender to a racist white cop who murdered him.

The memorial tree was ripped down shortly after it was planted at a park and police believe vandals stole a dedication plaque from its base late Saturday or early Sunday morning. The black community in Ferguson just won’t face reality.

The stone is missing as well.

Will these people never learn?  Why is that the black community is driven to idolize two-bit, gangsta wannabe thugs like Michael Brown and Trayvon “If I had a son he’s be like Trayvon” Martin?  We don’t understand, and likely never will.  Heck, we’re not even sure we WANT to understand.

We understand that people need heroes.  We need folks to look up to.  Well, if you’re black and you want a black role model, how about Ben Carson?  Ben Carson the world renown surgeon.  We could go on, but we’re going to stop the list here.

Blacks in Ferguson – the Black Caucus of the American Library Association in fact – came up with the idea for this memorial.  You’d think they’d be bright enough to see the futility for their young people in giving them a thief, a thug, and a guy who was trying to murder a cop to look up to.  But apparently education doesn’t mean you’re smart and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ve got even a smidgen of common sense.

Here’s what’s left of Michael Brown’s memorial tree.

Actually, we think this little stump is a much more fitting memorial to a thug.

The sapling that was planted on Saturday was full of potential. After it was planted people stood back and looked at it with hearts full of hope that it would grow to a beautiful tree. It’s limbs stretching toward the sky reaching out a solid well grounded trunk. In season those limbs would be filled with beautiful leaves and families would sit around a fine tree and enjoy a shady, peaceful afternoon.

That’s supposed to be an analogy of a newborn baby. When Michael Brown was born we suspect his family looked at him with the same hope that people looked at that tree. A young child filled with opportunity. And then something happened along the way. We’re not going to point fingers at that sapling, that young child, wasn’t nurtured and cared for so he would grow up straight and strong. Michael Brown grew up, and to continue our “tree” analogy, became an ugly stump in the park.

By the time he confronted and attempted to kill officer Darren Wilson the hope and opportunity that was his just a short time ago had already been snuffed out. Snuffed out by a culture that rewards thugs and gangsters. He wasn’t “cut down in the prime of his life” he was simply killed before he could do any more damage. Darren Wilson was nothing more than the stump removal company for our analogy.

We think the tree in the park in Ferguson is a much more fitting memorial for the likes of Michael Brown. Just like Michael Brown, this little tree wasn’t nurtured or protected. It was left to the whims of “the village.” And the whims of the village destroyed it.

We hope the little tree in its current state is left is a much more appropriate reminder of Michael Brown’s life.

And by the way, it doesn’t take “a village” to raise a child. It takes a family.



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