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LGBT Gangs in Full Fascist Mode: Jamie Foxx in the Cross-Hairs


There’s a growing “LGBT” mafia out there and don’t you dare say anything they consider to be anti-Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or Transgender. Simply put – there are people you can make fun of – viciously – if you wish, and there are people you’d better not joke around about or you will be destroyed. They will get you.

Jokes and the comics who say humourous things in public are no execption. You have ‘crossed the line’ if you talk about anyone considered “LGBT” and your career hangs in the balance, my friends. “LGBT” mafia and their leaders and followers do not care how liberal you are on other issues:

One false word about Chastity – now “Chaz” Bono – and believe me, things will not be good in La La land for your ass.

Case in point: Headline at CNN – “Outrage over Jamie Foxx’s Bruce Jenner joke at iHeartRadio Music Awards”

Sunday night Foxx was hosting the iHeartRadio Music Awards and the nutcases took to social media to scream and cry about the opening monologue, because it included…. **GASP** a Bruce Jenner joke?

Wow – what could he have said?  Here it is:

“We got Bruce Jenner, who will be doing some musical performances. He’s doing a his-and-her duet all by himself.”

OMG!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaat??

Funny? No. Clever? No. Stupid? Yeah… Something he should be free to say without worrying about the “LGBT” police and their lapdogs in the press and social media attacking him with the power to damage his career or his lively hood? No, you fascist freaks.

And it’s becoming the norm for useful idiots under 30 now: Listen to just a couple young Tweeters–

“Jamie Foxx just made a terrible, disgusting joke about Bruce Jenner’s rumored transition on this trash awards show,” tweeted @laurennostro.

“Seriously #JamieFoxx? #BruceJenner jokes?” wrote @AngelaPquigley. “You’re disgusting, that’s not ok. It wasn’t funny, just mean spirited and lazy.”

You know what kids? Go screw yourselves, because that’s what you’re doing to your future when you begin picking and choosing what and who can be made fun of, criticized or even talked about. You’d think there would be a backlash somewhere defending art and speech, right? No – they’re all afraid.

However – here’s some other lines said by Foxx Sunday:

“Marvin Gaye just made $7.4 million just last week. He’s making beats in heaven. It’s crazy. He might be dead, but he ain’t dead broke.” (the family of Marvin Gaye successfully sued a plagiarist)

“He will not be here tonight. He founded Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and now he needs a seeing-eye dog.” (In reference to Marion “Suge” Knight, who has been charged with murder in the hit-and-run death of a man run over by a truck)

Okay to make fun of those two, I guess… of course, Jamie is black – but that’s another … oh forget it.

But guess what? Watch out Jamie – you’d better get that apology in order quickly and you’d better convince the fascists it was… well – you think of something – we know it was a joke.

But jokes aren’t allowed in this country any longer, if you pick the wrong targets.

Best stick to Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and Ronald Reagan jokes, Jamie. “LGBT” is off-limits and you’re about to find that out…


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