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Judge halts Obama’s Executive Amnesty


Obama misled a judge?  Say it isn’t so!

Judge Andrew S. Hanen first halted the President’s Executive Amnesty in February, just two days before it was to take effect.  Using the words of Obama himself, the judge says he’s even more convinced of his decision now, “particularly after Mr. Obama earlier this year said he intends for his policies to supersede federal laws.”

The judge accused the lawyers of misleading him, and that apparently made him mad enough to fight.  I hope this means that Obama can no longer punish those Border Patrol Agents who do follow the actual law.

The judge is promising that there will be “consequences” if Obama continues his illegal Executive Amnesty.  I’m sure our President is shaking in his shoes.

Obama will have to order deportations to occur, according to our duly written laws.

Does this mean that Obama will have to put a halt to the influx of so-called “children” who are flooding into our country from Central America?  Those are the ones who bring with them such things as penicillin resistant TB, scabies, whooping cough, measles and more.  The CDC has finally admitted this is true.

And certainly he will put an end to our new program of bringing the families of those illegal invaders to our country.  President Obama is now flying them here at taxpayer expense, so that they don’t have to brave the difficulties of coming by train and then on foot.  The work of “fundamentally transforming” our country is so dangerous for them!

Here is the pertinent question: just what is this judge prepared to do if and when the Obama Administration ignores this command and continues to refuse to deport illegals?  Call me a skeptic.  After all, the judge did not state what the “consequences” shall be.

History will show that this President does not care what the courts tell him.  After all, he faced no consequences when he defied a Contempt of Court order in 2011.  He was found in Contempt by not lifting his order which halted oil drilling offshore after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf.  This action came within a week after a federal judge struck down the recently passed Obamacare law.  As we know that ruling was ignored.

“President Obama claims to have lifted the Gulf moratorium, yet not a single deepwater permit has been issued in nine months,” Jim Adams, the association’s president, said in a release after the ruling. “As a result, thousands of workers are out of jobs, Americans are paying more for gasoline and heating oil, and our nation is becoming even more dependent on unstable nations for our energy needs.”

When the judge who found him in Contempt of Court was asked why he did not do more, he responded by saying he had expected his order to be obeyed.  Apparently if Obama has the guts to defy a judge’s order, then he can go ahead and defy it, one way or another.

I don’t believe we regular “folks” should try that, do you?

Federal Judge Declines to Lift Immigration Order

A federal judge in Texas declined late Tuesday night to lift an order he issued in February that temporarily blocked President Barack Obama’s controversial immigration actions from going into effect. In a 15 page ruling, U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen said he “remains convinced” that his original findings — halting programs meant to ease deportation threats to millions of eligible undocumented immigrants– were correct. The ruling, a victory for Texas and 25 other states bringing the challenge, will come as no surprise to Justice Department lawyers who have already asked a federal appeals court to lift the February order. A three judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments on the issue on April 17.


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