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Jeb Bush has a plan for Detroit!


Jeb Bush has a plan for Detroit!.  Jeb recently declared that Detroit should be repopulated with illegal Hispanics.  He declared that immigrant workers would ‘lift our spirits dramatically’…

As does President Obama, Jeb favors expanded immigration, though he seems to be more in favor of Hispanic immigrants, while Obama adds refugees from Muslim nations as well.

Jeb has said that parents illegally entering America while bringing their children with them is not a felony, but an act of love.  Those DREAMERS should have a path to citizenship, says Jeb.  Many Americans support that action, but Jeb does not talk about securing the border first, which is the issue of most conservatives.

President Reagan used his executive powers to let many Hispanics stay here, but he did not write the law, he simply expanded it.   Reagan promised border security which never happened.  Must we make that mistake once again?

Obama is expanding a law he alone wrote, after Congress refused to write that law.  Recent court verdicts have supposedly put a stop to Obama’s illegal actions.  However, Obama had already granted new protections and work permits to “approximately 100,000 people” by the time administration lawyers told the judge nothing was happening.  If it were you or I, we would be accused of lying to the court, and severe penalties would ensue.  Read more here: 

Jeb’s description of the value of having more and more immigrants actually devalues Americans, for he describes Hispanics as being different from us.  Jeb uses phrases such as: they are more entrepreneurial; they set up more businesses; they buy more homes; they’re more family-oriented; they work in jobs that in many cases are jobs that have gone unfilled; and immigrants are more fertile.  I believe he means to say they have more children and fewer abortions.  Read more here:

Perhaps the job of a President should be to make Americans have a reason to be all those things he declares Hispanics to be.

Jeb Bush has a plan for Detroit: “I think Detroit would do real well if we started repopulating it with young, aspirational people”.  This is shocking!  Read that sentence again!  He is not saying that Detroit might be well advised to consider welcoming well-qualified, legal, non-disease ridden immigrants to their city.   He said Detroit would do well if WE, as in government, started REPOPULATING that city.

Is that really the way things now work in America – the elites running the government should be able to repopulate American cities with illegal aliens without our consent?  Well, that is happening now under Barack Obama, with Hispanics as well as Muslims.

Jeb Bush could have said that he believes that the downtrodden residents of Detroit (who have somehow found a way to stay there) should be aided in their preparation for taking new jobs.  He could have said that those on Welfare might be asked to do some work cleaning up and rebuilding the city in order to receive those benefits- thereby giving them experience in holding a job.  No, his answer is to flood the city with illegal Hispanics.

Why did he not say that all across America are the unemployed and underemployed who need to be lifted by the greatness of Capitalism and free markets?    No – he wants more illegal immigrants to do it instead.  He actually said that “an economically driven immigration plan . . . would lift our spirits up dramatically.”  I assume he is talking about the illegal Hispanics who do not hate America and blame us for taking their country from them.  Just where are they?

It would lift even more spirits to see a government program which would lift the spirits of and the monetary position of those American citizens who are willing to work hard to succeed.  The Great Society and the War on Poverty are both total failures.  The entire plan needs to be reworked from the ground up.

At least Jeb’s plan seems to decry the current politics-driven plan to ensure millions of Democrat votes from more Americans who have their hands out to the government for assistance.  Maybe it would also condemn members of drug cartels and gangs, human trafficers, felons and terrorists from being part of the immigration plan.

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